Thursday, October 05, 2006


I went to the knee doctor and SUPRISE! he scheduled me for two other appointments. That’s all medicine really does, refer to you other medicine. I think they are trying to weed out those who aren’t really sick or hurt and who will give up after a meager 12 doctor’s appointments without actually curing anything. Ahhh medicine. So next week I have a physical therapy appointment to try to do something about my knee and then I have an MRI to see if there is something more serious going on. MRI’s, unlike X-rays, have appointments at 6:30 in the EVENING. I already enjoy the MRI.

In other news, I’m pretty sure my neighbors two doors down are involved in some sort of animal slaughter ritual. I’ll explain and you tell me your thoughts.

One day right after I moved in I noticed that these neighbors had their garage door opened only about a foot and were standing in their garage spraying it down with a hose. Water and soap were flowing out of the garage. This seemed a little weird, but I suppose sometimes people clean their garages with the garage door almost all the way shut, who am I to judge my new neighbors, so I moved on with my life. Then a couple days later the same thing happened, they were spraying down their garage again. And then a couple days later again. And it hasn’t stopped.

Why on earth would someone need to spray down their garage on a basis that frequent? Animal slaughter is the only real explanation. Initially I thought they might be killing people, not animals, but then the cleaning was so frequent I figured there was no way I wouldn’t have heard about that many people going missing. I mean, there would be stuff on the news if a person was being abducted every other day, right? Right.

My dad said that maybe they have a large dog that they keep in the garage. This makes a little bit of sense, but since when do large dogs crap so much that you have to scrub and spray down their area every other day? I mean, I could see once a week maybe, but unless this dog has some serious diarrhea issues, I don’t see how they’d need to scrub up after him every other day.

So I’m convinced it’s animal slaughter. Or a severe case of OCD. Either way, keep an eye out on the news, if you don’t hear from me for a couple days check the garage two doors down.


Chunks said...

My neighbor not only pressure washes his entire yard once a week, but he uses his leaf blower year round. He blows leaves, dust, name it.

I think it's OCD and a dog.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it's a dog. If you had even a SMALL dog in a garage with no ventilation and nature called a couple times a day, you would be spraying too. But if I haven't heard from you in a couple days, I'll call the authorities. mom

Patricia said...

i'm pretty sure you should be checking to see if they actually have a dog. 'cause that whole daily powerwashing thing, that's just not natural.