Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pictures for Your Health

Today I have some pictures for you. You know how I love a random picture.

I took this picture in the hallway of the huge Kaiser medical building I go to for doctor’s appointments. Hello. This is not making me feel healthy. And this is not the only door with this on it either. They are all over the damn building. I guess if you are going to catch asbestos a hospital is the best place to do it. I know I felt safer. And much more healthy.

And speaking of poor health, here is a picture I took in the drive-thru at Del Taco. Really. How do people not just keel over after eating this? Who is sitting around thinking, “You know what would be great and pretty much the best idea ever? If we combined french fries with sour cream. And chili!” You know what? I think that the diet industry probably helps fund fast food places. Because if people would perhaps just stop eating approximately 5000 calories at a time then maybe there wouldn’t be quite as big a need for the billion dollar diet industry.

Of course I would be making all of these grand statements while taking pictures in the drive thru. And lets just say I wasn’t in the drive thru strictly for the photography opportunities.

I think this is the best picture ever. I think that all food should look like a scientific photo of what your arteries will look like after you eat the food. That is a brilliant idea. Not to mention quite educational. And quite tasty when dipped in syrup.


tornwordo said...

That last one is really funny. I like the one that's in all the restaurants and bars: There are chemicals present known to the state of California to cause cancer. The sign is usually inconspicuously placed of course.

Chunks said...

I love your random pictures too Dawn. Often when I am out and about, when I see something weird or funny, I think "I should be more like Dawn and carry my camera around and then post this picture because it is random and funny." Then I realize that there would be two of us doing the same thing on the blogs and really, does the world need that?!

Chocodilaholic said...

Your observation of the sausage roll-up (A mighty "Tasty" sounding "meal" if I do say so myself) is one of the funniest observations anyone has ever made.

Patricia said...

it never ends. because yeah, let's not just have one highly caloric and fat-filled product. let's combine them!