Friday, October 06, 2006

A Story

I use what is called stock photography for a lot of my design work.

This is photography that is on a website and is available for download by people such as myself who make things pretty and need pretty pictures to help them.

I go to my photo website and I search for the particular photos I need by typing in one or two words that describes what I’m looking for.

One of the sites I use has very risque pictures that always seem to find a way into my selection of photos.

It’s not like I’m searching for “boobs”.

Yet, somehow at least one picture of a naked woman pops up with every search.

For example, the other day I searched for “cord”.

Which seems innocent enough.

One of the pictures that popped up was a naked woman standing in the desert with a her hands covering her southern lady parts (her northern parts were being left unattended).

Oh, and she had a vacuum cleaner next to her with its cord wrapped around her leg.

Some call this confusing, others call this art.

I have gotten used to the random naked people who pop up when I am searching for innocent, politically correct photos, but some other people wonder why it is that I have naked people on my screen so often.

This amuses me.

The other night I was working late and I was looking for a close-up of a siren, for a piece about firemen or something.

When you search for “siren” about 90% of the pictures that come up are naked women - as in va va voom siren, I’m guessing.

I downloaded the siren I was actually looking for, then I went on with my work.

A client came in later that evening, in a frenzy because she needed a word changed on something that we had made pretty.

She sat down beside me and guided me through the difficult task of changing that word.

After we were done she continued to sit beside me and stare at the screen.

In an effort to indicate that we were done, I minimized my design program.

And below my design program?

My search for sirens.

The client didn’t say anything specifically about the 25 naked women (and two red sirens) on my screen.

But she did finally get her cue to leave.

Happy Friday everyone.


tornwordo said...

That's very very funny. Wry = "difficult task"

Wordworshipper said...

It's a good thing you didn't have to look up "headlights", "crankshaft" or "shrubbery". The possibilities are endless.

Chunks said...

I should paint you a little plaque for your desk that reads "Please ignore all porn. It's not my fault the internet is such a dirty place." Or something.

Patricia said...

i can't even imagine the stuff your brought up when you were working with the strippers.

my eyes! my virgin eyes!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

So what do you do? Are you in advertising or something?

How can I get paid to look at naked pictures, too?