Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Best Event Ever

So as we travel the countryside, trying to inspire people to get off their butts and get involved in their health and their world and all that junk, we are also on the lookout for anyway to connect with people. We are looking for different running-type events at which we can go and spread our words of Nonrunner’s Marathon-ing and saving the world I spoke of earlier. We’ve found a lot of events that we’ve added to our calendar of cross-country fun.

But nothing looks as fun as this event:

The Portland Iditarod

I do not think I can adequately explain the excitement of this event, so I will blatantly steal from their site:

“In the Alaskan Iditarod, more than sixty dog sled teams race across the frozen tundra from Anchorage to Nome. In our urban version, teams of 'dogs' lead by a musher will pull their sleds (shopping carts) through some of Portland's most scenic areas. These teams of barking humans must negotiate through the unrelenting and unforgiving dangers of Portland's urban frontier. As an incentive to run, dogs and mushers alike will have several 'rest stops' to replenish lost fluids and discuss tales of mayhem. The course is over four miles, so dogs and mushers alike need to be ready and able to run their tails off.”

Ha! Seriously. How much fun does this look? So much fun. I contacted the main Iditarod-er and asked him if we could come play. He said that of course we could, and that if I needed a team I could run with his team. But I’d have to wear a prom dress. Awesome.

These are my kinds of people, these Iditarod-ers. They like the move, they like to act foolish and they seem to enjoy a party. What more do I need in an event?

Portland here I come.

Saturday, March 3rd - Come on out if you’re in the area. And if you have a prom dress.


tornwordo said...

That does look hilarious. I think I would end up resenting the "musher" lol. Mind if I just spectate?

Patricia said...

a point of clarification. are any of the participants allowed to, you know, participate while in the shopping cart or is there the whole both-feet-on-the-pavement requirement?

this looks totally like you!

Travis said...

I am down for this. I'm gonna need a team though. Looks like a good race for Elvis!!

Dean said...