Monday, June 04, 2007

The Dog Has Gender Issues

It’s June! (Can you friggin’ believe that? Good god time flies when you take off from your life for three months) It’s Dog Picture Time.

This one is a little difficult to photograph. So I had to take two pics.

See! Fido is a June Bride AND Groom. Which means that once again Fido is having some gender issues. And s/he is having trouble finding a mate. Maybe if s/he ever left the porch s/he’d have better luck.

Since I have a real dog now we decided to dress him up as well.

He didn’t enjoy that as much as Fido seems to.


Chunks said...

I love that little Nola almost as much as I love the ceramic dog! Awesome!!!

Dean said...

How funny! Even Nola recognized a gender issue problem (hahaha)

Patricia said...

nola looks very spiffy. and he's a good little friend to fido since he was trying to remove the embarassing lace from his new friend.