Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beep and the City

Have you all seen episodes of "Sex and the City" on regular TV? Does this seem weird to anyone else? It’s on every night at 11:30 and my Tivo records it for me because it knows that I like the show. And really it’s one of my favorite shows and I miss it so. But it’s not quite the same on regular TV. I mean the TITLE of the show has the word SEX in it. So I’m thinking right off the bat you are losing at least half the show when you jump onto PG TV. Well, I guess not all the sex stuff is lost, just the good stuff.

And poor Samantha. She’s left with pretty much nothing after you take out the sex scenes and the f-word. What is Samantha without sex scenes and the f-word really? She’s just that chick from the movie "Mannequin". (How much did I LOVE that movie? A dude falls in love with a mannequin? That won some Academy Awards, right? It took me a good two seasons of Sex and the City to stop singing "Put your hand in my hand, whatever it takes is what I’m gonna dooooo!" every time Kim Cattrall walked into a scene.)

Tonight I was watching an episode and I was looking forward to a funny scene in the middle of the episode (Yeah, I’ve seen every episode enough times to know every scene that’s coming up. What do you want from me? HBO has a tendency to repeat their shows a few (million) times, so sue me for watching the show every time it was on.) In this episode Charlotte’s storyline involves her new Jewish lawyer husband guy moving in and leaving his tea bags all over the house. This leads to a great scene in which Charlotte tells the girls that she and her beau have a tea bag situation. Samantha thinks she is talking about a different kind of tea bag situation and the ensuing dialogue is hilarious. At least it was hilarious on HBO. On regular TV it’s:

"I have a tea bag situation"
"Oh, breathe through your nose."
"What?! No!"
End scene.

Several things happened between the second and third line in the original episode. But on regular TV we are only left with a shocked expression on Charlotte’s face and Carrie shaking her head, unable to eat her flan. It’s tragic really, this cleaning up of television. What’s next, is Sponge Bob going to have to wear more than just his square pants? It’s a slippery slope people. Is all I’m saying.


Chunks said...

I never watched even one episode of Sex and the City...I'm perpetually uncool that way. I went to a city a few times. Even had *bleep there, but I don't think this qualifies me to comment.

I like your new display picture.

Patricia said...

yeah i'm a loser as it relates to watching this show, too. mostly because i didn't start off with it in the beginning and then once the buzz built, i knew i had to start it from the beginning or i'd never be happy. and yes, i know that the DVDs have been out for a while but i just haven't gotten around to it. but i wondered about the whole tv thing, too. some things just weren't meant to be edited for content or formatted to fit my screen.

dawn said...

Uh, girls. Watch the show. It's funny, it's touching, it's got shoes. What more do you want from TV? Oh, and it's got sex and the f-word too, so you should be all set.

Oh, and I changed pics cause a friend told me I looked heavier in the other one. I told him that that's just the joy of having chipmunk cheeks. Adorable when you are 5 years old, make you look 10 pounds heavier when you are nearing 30.