Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not So Super

Did ya’ll watch the Super Bowl? I caught some of it between shoveling bean dip and Chex Mix in my mouth. Unfortunately some of the some that I caught was some of the halftime show. Can someone please explain the Rolling Stones to me? They are like 183 years old. What are they doing on the Super Bowl? And why are they singing “Satisfaction”? Come on. I just looked it up and that song was recorded in 1965. As in more than 40 years ago. And yet it’s the centerpiece of a halftime show in 2006? I don’t get it. I’m all for nostalgia, but I don’t know that the biggest day in contact sports and beer commercials is the place for it. Maybe it’s just me.

And how on EARTH did Mick Jagger become a sex symbol? Is there anything sexy about him? No, there is not. The man weighs like 125 pounds, his face seems to be falling off his head and he slithers around to no apparent beat whatsoever. Musicians who don’t have rhythm absolutely astound me. You’d think they’d pick it up along the way somehow, even if by accident. If you have your own personal drummer it’s almost impossible not to hear a beat at least a couple of times in the course of 40 years. But no, someone told this 65 year old man that rubbing on himself and running around in circles was sexy. And so he’s just gonna continue doing it.

And speaking of doing it, doesn’t this guy have like 84 kids with 14 different supermodels? How on earth are regular guys supposed to compete when this horrendous looking man is bagging supermodels? It’s just not fair.

And speaking of not fair, did ya’ll see the actual game part of the Super Bowl? Wow. Do you have to have ANY experience reffing football before they let you officiate the Super Bowl, or is the gig just filled on a first come, first served basis? Wow. I was distracted by 387 different snack foods and I could still see that those refs were making horrible calls. By my count Seattle should have won that game by at least 3. But maybe the refs were so distracted by Mick Jagger's hip thrusts that they couldn’t be bothered to concentrate on the game.

It’s understandable really. I mean it’s too bad that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, but Mick bagging supermodels for 40 years was still the biggest upset of the day.


Patricia said...

you're right, mick looked horrible. and seeing all those staged "groupies" screaming and cheering was just embarassing. the longer that band goes, the more they look like something out of beetlejuice.

Dean said...

Wow! A gal who not only is into the whole Super Bowl experience, but also nails it on the head!

I bow to your greatness.

You are absolutly correct on all counts.

* Seattle won by 3
* Ref's were one-sided in their calls
* Mick Jagger? Old, ugly, no beat
* AND most of the commercials did not entertain

You amaze me.

Herkamayah said...

Why can't they do something cool for the Super Bowl, like Blue Man Group or something interesting to watch, instead of the latest pop icons (Britney, Justin, etc.) or the fogies who still, amazingly, are performing. They announced they were no longer touring - and that was 15 years ago!!! You could see the dust coming off of them every time they moved. And THREE songs??? One, of which, of course, no one has heard of.

Seatlle was ripped off, hands down. When the "penalties" would come AFTER a touchdown you know some home cookin' was brewin'. Someone wanted Pittsburgh to win, badly.

The commercials are all trying way too hard to be the next HILARIOUS commercial and instead come off as being simply a gimmick, trying to push the envelope.

why aren't you running your own network yet?

Chunks said...

Could you imagine the embarassment of one of the Stones' kids or GRANDKIDS? You'd think someone in their circle of life would tell them it's time to hang it up. Every time they announce another "farewell tour" I just want to call them and say "WHY?!"

I didn't watch the Superbowl, but I did hear some quotes yesterday from the Seattle team saying that they knew it would be a tough game but they didn't think they would have to fight the refs too. Sad.

Professional Sports is one big racket.

Travis said...

Cool. I'm gonna shed 80 pounds and learn the guitar. And if you think Mick has no rhythm wait till all the ladies see my two left feet in action!! I'll be beating all the hotties of with a stick soon.