Friday, February 17, 2006

No Me Gusta Enfermo

I have nothing to talk about today, because I have done nothing today besides try not to die. Apparently I was successful in this attempt. Again, I’m a very high goal-setter.

I do not enjoy being sick. It is not fun. Not even the sleeping part. Usually I am a huge fan of the sleeping, but somehow like everything else in life, once I am actually FORCED to sleep I do not really WANT to sleep. Yet today included rotating between my computer and my bed. And in both places I was pretty much asleep. I tried to do work during my more lucid states, but I’m sure I will wake up from my Nyquil haze and realize that the stuff I did today was more “abstract” and less “corporate”. It could be the beginning of a whole new era for me. All the great artists have some sort of chemical dependency, right? Mine will just be decongestant.

I have to go back to sleep now, as it’s been a whole two hours since I’ve napped and I must stay on schedule. I’ll go take some more Nyquil and pop a coughdrop so I don’t have another coughing fit like the one earlier that nearly brought my lungs outside my body.

Oh, fun sidenote on coughdrops When I was in Honduras I caught a cold similar to the one I have now (sidenote to the sidenote: Manual labor plus head colds equal no bueno) and I needed some cough drops so that I could continue to do little things like breathe and swallow through my throat. But no one in the group had brought any coughdrops on the trip. Had I had some sort of digestive problem I would have had a whole spread of medications at my disposal, as everyone had anticipated stomach problems and had brought every intestine medication known to man. No one had thought we might catch a cold though, great planners we were.

While out at the work site I asked our bus driver if he could take me into town to get some coughdrops, cause my throat was on fire. His English was okay, but he wasn’t quite understanding what I meant by coughdrops. He took me to the store and went to the candy aisle. I said no, I needed medicine for my throat, coughdrops weren’t candy. I was frustrated but also a little horrified that this man thought that I had him drive me into town just for candy. We went from store to store, not finding any coughdrops in the medicine section. Then he wandered down another candy aisle while I stood shaking my head, mumbling, “No es sugar, es medicino.” Then the driver pulled a box off the shelf and handed it to me, “Is candy.”

And guess what? Is candy. Cough drops are candy in Honduras. Once I thought about it it made a little sense. There isn’t really any medicine in them, right? They are just menthol candies there. Why anyone would want to snack on a menthol candy is beyond my tastebuds, but I find Sour Patch Kids appetizing so I’m probably not the best one to judge someone else’s tastes.

So there you have it. Basically when I’m sick I am able to continue working outside doing manual labor for 8 hours a day yet today I could barely manage to walk down my stairs to get some more chicken noodle soup. Hmmm. I will fully ponder that after I pop some candy and take another nap.


Chunks said...

Poor Dawn...I hope you are feeling better soon.

How do you still maintain such wit when you are so sick? It baffles the mind!

Jenn said...

I can understand eating the fruity coughdrops like candy. I might do that. :) Hope you're feeling better soon and I'm with chunks on the wit thing... how do you do that? I'm a big ball of asshatness when I'm sick.

Travis said...

I'm too far away. Someone in Sac get over there and fix her quick. No me gusta lack of blogs!! Get better soon.