Monday, February 13, 2006

Early Morning Fun

I’m not feeling well this evening, so this dispatch will be short. I am trying very hard to come down with the flu and I will soon take a handful of Nyquil gelcaps and try to drug my body out of its slip into illness. Wish me luck.

My illness has been made all the worse because I was forced to rise at 8 a.m. this morning. Good god that is early. My body did not enjoy it even one little bit. Although it was quite something to see how much stuff can get done before noon. A miracle really. Who knew?

The reason for my early morning rising was my house/condo/box shopping. My parents and I were scheduled to meet with a real estate agent to look at a friend’s condo. He had an offer in that he needed to accept or decline by this evening so I was going to see if I wanted to make an offer. My parents were going to make sure I didn’t buy a house on a whim. I’ve been known to make rash decisions. Usually my rash decisions result in a high Best Buy bill. This decision could result in no Best Buy bills for quite some time. So the parents came along to supervise the obliteration of my income, should I choose to pull the trigger.

It turned out that I didn’t really like the possible rash decision, so instead the three of us hijacked our real estate agent and had her show us all around town. It was all quite exciting. Houses everywhere. It might have been even more exciting if I could actually afford any of them. Well I could afford some of them:

Me: “I found some cute houses in X part of town.”
Mom: “A lady at work lived there and her house got firebombed.”
Me: “Aren’t you a buzzkill.”


Patricia said...

and the search begins! open houses, online listings, virtual tours, square footage, property tACKxes.

but you better take a nap, 'cause you're gonna need the energy.

Chunks said...

That says nothing about the renovations you may want to do either...change the paint, maybe the flooring, new light fixtures. CHA-CHING!!!

You may have to get a job working security at the post office to help supplement your income. HA!