Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Doorstep is Fun

So I went out to my doorstep again today, because I am expecting a package. And once again the package wasn’t there. But these were:

People are cool. The card said, “Flores para cumpleanos y casa nueva y book tour y you.” A little Spanish and English together for a fun card. These were from Mark, a man I met on my first Habitat trip to Honduras. He joined us on our last trip as well. When I am a grandparent, like Mark, I hope I’m still climbing mountains in the middle of Latin America, like Mark. Hopefully by then I’ll be in better shape, like Mark is. I’ve got a few decades to work up to his physical fitness level. We shall see how I do.

There is not much going on here. I’m putting together some stuff that will make my March and April quite interesting this year. Until then I’m enjoying the calm. Before the storm of sorts. A good storm or a bad storm, I’m not quite sure, but a storm it will be.

I’ve been trying to see all the Highly Regarded Films of last year, so that I’m all caught up in time for the Oscars. It’s a bit difficult because some of the smaller ones aren’t at the big theaters and therefore I actually have to pay for every movie, instead of movie-hopping. And part of my soul dies every time I have to pay ten friggin’ dollars to see a movie. And then another ten to eat popcorn and drink coke.

I think I need to take a break from the Highly Regarded Films for a bit. They are quite emotionally draining. Maybe I’ll rent Jackass or go see The Holiday to cleanse my pallet.


Chunks said...

Those flowers are lovely and I am not even a flower person.

Oh and it's a Chunks' thing. Totally.

Anonymous said...

You may have lost weight in Guatemala-but you sure gained some wonderful friends!-bl

Patricia said...

that is One Magical Doorstep you have. well worth the mortgage price, alone. maybe you could chip off a starter stone for me and i could plant it near my doorstep so that chocolates and flowers magically appear. or maybe i could just make some new friends.

i can't wait for march and april.