Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Safety First

I was going to write something insightful and moving and witty and funny today. But I just came across this product:

It is called the Pelican Baby Sled Deluxe.

Uh. Am I understanding this? It’s a sled for a BABY? Uh. Does this seem like a good idea to anyone who has ever sledded in their entire life?

Please let me show you again what can happen when people sled:

Now, do you think that involving a newborn is the best way to liven up the sport? Who in their right mind thinks that throwing their baby down a hill is a good idea? Well, I mean there is the handy windshield-type thing that they have on this product. We wouldn’t want wind to get in little Johnny’s eyes as he is pummeling down a mountain with no brakes.

Seriously. How did this pass any sort of safety test?


tornwordo said...

I think it might be for pulling the child on a flat surface. Hence the little "tow rope". There's probably a warning on the box "Not to be used for hurling your baby down a slope!"

Patricia said...

ok this just set my hair on edge. so i went to amazon and found this description:

The Pelican® Baby Sled Deluxe is designed to offer a safe and fun ride with an ergonomic seat that includes a high backrest and a safety harness. An integrated weather shield provides added protection for the snow and debris.


just what every baby needs. for their parent to put them in a contraption which allows for debris. perhaps that's what comes with the deluxe model.


Dean said...

Perhaps there is a baby olympics that will be started soon and this will be one of the winter events.

For a summer baby olympic event, perhaps they could bring back lawn darts.

On a serious note (b flat), tornwordo is most likely correct. This is a tow sled for flat surfaces. Though in red-neck country they might tie it to the back of a snowmobile.

Whew! It's tough being a baby!

Chunks said...

Okay, since I've actually had kids, I am here to tell you not to waste your money. Any parent worth their weight in tootsie rolls knows that you plunk the baby on your lap, wrap your arms around them and go hurling down the hill WITH them. It's a blast! Especially when you can stick your feet out and spray a little snow in their faces? Good times. Great times!

(PS...my kids have survived me!)