Monday, January 15, 2007

People are Awesome

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little bit random. Just a little tiny bit. Some of my more perceptive friends have picked up on this and tend to send random things my way. How I enjoy this. I received two cards last week:

This one is a combination of every holiday there is. You know how I enjoy combining a holiday.

This one seems to be a combination of Hanukkah and politics. I don’t really understand it, but damn if it doesn’t make me laugh. It came along with several other random things including these cookies that are way too random for me to even eat, which sucks, cause they look kinda tasty.

On a sidenote, can someone in the Jewish community explain to me why it is Hanukkah is spelled Chanukah sometimes? Beezare.

Also included in this package of random goodness: a flying monkey, a Mr. Goodbar, some sleigh bells, a draydel and some silly straws. Just cause. Awesome.

The most awesome of all?

I went downstairs to check my front porch, because I was expecting a package. When I opened the door I saw a package there. So I picked it up and went on my way to my car. As I was driving I inspected the package further and I found that the return address was Southern Candy Makers.

!!! I don’t think that it is really possible for me to adequately explain how happy I was at this moment in time. It’s like a miracle. When something you love so much just magically shows up on your doorstep.

I proceeded to tear open the package with one hand while driving (not an easy task given the nuclear weapon caliber protection these people go through to package their chocolates (which makes sense, because they are very very valuable)). So I’m searching in the dark for a pen with which to stab at the eight layers of packing tape they have on the box. Then when I break through I am trying to rip off the tape with one hand while periodically having to shake the whole thing off my hand because my hand is now covered in the packing tape and is very quickly just becoming part of the package, instead of opening the package.

Once I freed myself and the box from the tape I had to get the box open and get the candy out while trying to keep the styrofoam popcorn balls from covering the entire car. Sweet Mary, it took some effort. But finally I managed to get to the beautiful Turtles that awaited me.


It seems they are a birthday present. See, this is what I love about adult birthdays. They last pretty much a whole month. My birthday is next week sometime, but who really cares about the exact date? Not me. I will get free meals and time with friends for the next 3 weeks just because I happened to be born in January. This makes me happy.

Not as happy as the turtles, but still. It’s gonna be hard for anyone else to compete with this birthday present, I pity all those who have to follow the miracle box of chocolate and caramel that arrived on my doorstep.


tornwordo said...

That condibush menora is hilarious. And you do have awesome friends.

Chunks said...

I love the randomness of Dawn! Cool post.

Happy Birthday!

Patricia said...

vincente did good.

but i wish that skinny little nymph on the box at least appeared as though she had sampled a turtle or two.

Turtle-icious said...

I am so glad someone sent you turtles for your birthday. I was hoping it would happen, especially after your rave review of them. Beware, January is not over yet heh heh heh!

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful and considerate sender. Wish he knew by birthday!-bl