Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Very Little to Blog

There are things abrewin’ here in DawnLand. But until they are anything worth blogging about I will just give you a picture of my book.

Yes, I know you’ve already seen it before. But this is the actual book. Before I showed you the galley and probably a big ol pile of papers. In fact here is a little progression for you:

The real finished book (and 33 of its friends) came in the mail the other day. Per my contract I get 34 books of my very own. To sell on Ebay when I become rich and famous? Perhaps. To put under a wobbly table? Probably a little more accurate. To take pictures of and post on a blog? Exactly.

But any way, I wrote a real book and now it is actually in real book form. All very exciting. Who the hell knows when anyone else can get it in real book form. I think early February is what I’ve been told. OR. You can buy one from me for only $300. I’m trying to pay a mortgage here people.


Tigerpants said...

That really is tremendously exciting! I'm seething with jealousy. My book would have been bad, and I'd have been embarrassed, but yours is all you!

tornwordo said...

Yay for you. I am however reticent to purchase a book that has "for women" in the title. Last time I checked, I was still not a woman, lol.

Patricia said...

and this is what i tried to post yesterday:

well i'm no runner, either, but i want one of your books! i can't stand how exciting this must be for you. i mean, really, i would be so over-the-top obnoxious about putting it in everyone's face. look! look! my book! your restraint is truly remarkable. congrats again, dawn, this just doesn't get old. it's huge!

Chunks said...

Can I have copy #33? 3 is my lucky number. Maybe I will take three copies, it doesn't matter what number they are. All signed by you, with one personally addressed to me. Emain me the total cost,along with your address and I will send you some American money. M'kay? I'm not joking.

Stephanie said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait to read it. Although is it going to inspire me to start running? Cause if so, there is a lot of good TV on and I'd hate to miss out cause you told me to get off the couch. :)