Monday, January 29, 2007

My Weekend

I went and played in the snow this weekend.

Here is picture proof of good times. Don’t we look like an ad for gum or possibily a beer commercial?

I gathered in the snow with some of my travel buddies. Man, do we laugh. I think there is a bond that happens between people after they spend 24 hours a day with each other over the course of a two week travel expedition to a foreign land. A bond that somehow always results in making fun of people for stupid things they said or did over the course of that travel time. Ahhh. Memories. Of stupidity.

I realized this weekend that I see my travel buddies (who don’t live near me) more often than I see some of my local friends. Hmmm. Probably because going to foreign countries and weekend getaways is more fun than going to the restaurant down the street. Of course, the restaurant down the street isn’t FROZEN like snow is. So it does have that going for it.

I’m very happy to be back to my 75 degree house, let’s just say that. I would literally pass away if I lived any place other than California, where there were actual winters. It would be so sad. You would just find me frozen in a ball somewhere. Trying desperately to book a flight to Hawaii.

Also, here is a video on how to sled:


tornwordo said...

Looks like fun! I didn't go out this weekend except to walk across the street to rent movies. lol.

Chunks said...

As I commented at Torn's blog, the preferred sliding method for me is the on the belly crazy carpet method. It works every time to win the race. Cuz it's all about winning baby!

Dean said...

Wow it looks like a beautiful day AND you had a good time too! How great. I have not been to the snow in two years. What a bummer...I was going to go this year, but haven't yet.

That video clip could be used as a replacement for the Wide World of Sports clip where the long jump skier crash before take-off.

Patricia said...

how very strange you californians are. (i should know; i married one.) rather than living amidst the snow, you travel to it. you gather in the snow. you plan trips to the snow. you do not live in the snow.

hmmmm, this is sounding more and more wise all the time.