Friday, March 03, 2006


I have a bone to pick.

Why do I have to pay 75 cents for air? Seriously. It’s ridiculous. And it’s starting to annoy me. Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that I have bad tire karma. It’s a tragedy really. In this life I have seen too many good tires go before their time, victims of the karma that curses me.

My poor tire karma not only blows up tires on a regular basis, but it also makes perfectly good tires go flat for no apparent reason. It’s just what my tires do. I’ve accepted it and moved on. Usually I am moving on to my local gas station to fill my poor tires up with air. I visit these air/water machines at gas stations more often than people really should and I’ve been visiting them for years, as the karma has been around since I started driving. As the years have passed so have the machines which give me free air. Gradually the price of air has inflated, 25 cents at a time. And it’s officially starting to piss me off.

Yes, I know I’m only really out like $3 a month from this increase in price, but still, it’s the principle of the matter. WHY AM I PAYING FOR AIR? And WHY DO YOU ONLY TAKE QUARTERS? And WHY DON’T I EVER HAVE ANY QUARTERS? I’ll tell you why. Cause I spent them all on AIR. (And parking meters. Please do not even get me started on parking meters or their slimy, useless-waste-of-space meter maids. We could be here all day if I get going on that topic.)

Is there something we can do about this? A petition I can sign? A protest I can organize? Or you know what would help? Could someone please get moving on those damn flying cars that are supposed to be here by now? This would solve all my problems. Well, at least the tire/paying for air problems. I imagine it might actually add some problems in the navigational/running head on into a seagull areas. Imagine how many quarters it would take to wash that off your windshield.


Chunks said...

You pay three bucks a month for air? But it only costs seven bucks to have a tire fixed! Seriously, take it to WalMart, get them to take it off and fix the leak. Do you do a lot of driving in construction zones?

Bad tire Karma, hee hee Dawn you are funny!

Patricia said...

oh this gets on my nerves bigtime, too! when they started adding these "vending machines" in my area, i strategically changed locations to find the still-free places. slowly but surely, they all disappeared. now there's a place where - if you buy some of their gas - they'll flip the switch and let you use the compressor for free. whoopty!

Anonymous said...

You would be better off to buy one of those air compressors and fill your tires every day from home!-mom

Dean said...

Ah...I hate to tell you this, but people stopped charging for that a long time ago.

You just go in and ask them to turn it on. *tsk* Fell for the 'ole quarter in the slot trick, heh?

Chunks is right. Why are you paying $3.00 a month for this? Go get your tire fixed and pocket the $33 that you would have spent the rest fo the year.

Mr. Goodwrench said...

Hey look on the bright side....if you look closely at the box, you will see that the "pressure check" is free! So they aren't charging for EVERYTHING these days.

And, yes, why don't you just get some new tires?? I supposed you'd have better tire karma and that would throw off the whole tire karma blogging. :-)

dawn said...

People. Would you please listen. This would be so much easier if you listened. I have bad tire karma. The tire that is always losing air? That would be the new tire I got when the last what blew the hell up on the freeway. It does not matter if I were to get a new tire everyday, it would still find a way to go low or pop - it's the karma, not the tires.