Monday, March 13, 2006

Important Pictures

You know why the internet was invented? So that weird pictures could be passed at lightening speed. Was it me or was weirdness a little high last week?

This is that rat/squirrel thing that has everyone talking. And by “everyone” I mean “three scientist who don’t actually talk, they just stare into microscopes all day”. This thing is supposedly some species that everyone thought had been extinct for 11 million years. I don’t know about you, but I feel duped. 11 million years of lies really.

This story baffles me. First of all, is it really that shocking that rats and squirrels are close enough to form one species? I mean come on, there has got to be something else for our scientists to be studying. One scientist who is totally maximizing his brain power said, "It shows you it's well worth looking around in this world, still, to see what's out there.” Yeah, well, if looking around the world is going to lead me to seeing more rats, then I’m fine to stay local, thank you.

In other exciting species news we now have hairy lobsters. Wait until someone tries to make a jacket out of this guy and PETA gets pissed off. The thing is called “yeti” and it “becomes the latest member of Galatheoidea, a category of the Decapoda (10-legged) order, to which lobsters, crabs and prawns (US shrimp) belong.” I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of things I know absolutely nothing about. Galatheoidea? That would be a kickass Scrabble word. The word “kickass” was about as good as I ever get while playing.

This is a picture of the people who walk on all fours. Something tells me we might see some similar pictures coming out of Ireland this week, what with St. Pat’s and all. This group of four-legged people are all siblings and it is thought that they inherited the unique walking trait. “Their mother and father, who are closely related are believed to have handed down a unique combination of genes which result in the behaviour.” I will be making no comparisons to the south, as that would be wrong and hurtful. These poor four-legged people have had to deal with enough.


Travis said...

I thought April Fools Day was in a few weeks!! But just for kicks I'm going to walk into my bank on all fours today. I'd go shopping like that too but everything on the bottom shelf sucks as these people are well aware of.

Lobrantula said...

Where the HELL did you find these pictures?!?! That hairy lobster looks like some sort of tarantula with mond-claws. CREEPY!!!!!

Dean said...

You may be able to get a new movie script from this!

X-4 - Mutants Run Amuck

If you do write one, can I be the hairy lobster?

Anonymous said...

Once again, . . . I must repeat . . . you HAVE GOT TO GET A LIFE!! --bl

Chunks said...

I would love to spend a day in your mind!

dawn said...


Plenty of room, come on in.