Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Heart Mondays

I’m liking Monday night on my TV. ‘Prison Break’ is FINALLY back. I do so love this show. Although lets be honest, it should probably be called just ‘Prison We Ain’t Breakin’ Until May Sweeps, So Settle In’ as there doesn’t seem to be too much ‘Breaking’ going on. I’ve read all the press for the show and from what I read they will in fact be ‘Breaking’ eventually, but for right now they just seem to be roaming free through the prison, getting themselves nearly caught about once every 5 minutes or so. This show is not good for my heart. Do we need a cliffhanger at every single commercial break? I mean really. And as far as punishment for unspeakable crimes goes, this Prison doesn’t look so bad. They basically just hang out all day and roam the walls at night. It’s like sleepaway camp, only without all that silly hiking and crafting.

My other new show on Monday nights is ‘Miracle Workers’. Have you seen this show? Oh my goodness it’s exciting. They are working MIRACLES people. And not lame miracles like being able to fly or solving world hunger. No, they are concentrating on medical miracles and they are curing people one heart-tugging story at a time. It really is a cool show. Well the miracles are cool. The show itself? Not so cool.

Example: There is a girl with Tourette’s Syndrome gets to have brain surgery in order to stop the crazy ticks that have made her life unlivable. (Tourette’s is a disease that makes you scream out inappropriate things or tick uncontrollably. (My friend Charlie periodically yells out “FABULOUS!” and says it’s cause he has Gay Tourette’s. He has been doing it for over 10 years and it just never gets old. Unfortunately there is no medical miracle that can save his poor taste, it’s been deemed a lost cause.))

So they have to drill into this girl’s brain and put little zappers (technical name) down in there to try to electrocute her brain into stopping the ticks. Oh and she has to be awake during the surgery so she can tell them what she is feeling and if they are zapping the right place. On top of all this we have a voice-over guy dramatically telling us how dangerous this is and how it could go horribly wrong and how her whole life hangs in the balance. Dude. She has HOLES IN HER BRAIN. I think I can figure out all by myself that this is a dangerous surgery. This ain’t Fear Factor kids, we don’t need the overly-dramatic narration. As soon as someone’s brain starts getting ZAPPED the drama is pretty much covered. Just a little note to the TV Producer People.

And speaking of getting zapped, our boy over on ‘Prison Break’ is getting mighty close to the big chair. Me thinks he’ll survive though. Something tells me that the drama might die down a little if the entire point of the show gets killed off. Although, considering tonight’s episode ended with Lincoln mere feet from the electric chair it might not be a bad idea for his defense team to write a letter or 10 to the Miracle Worker people. It couldn't hurt.


Chunks said...

Thanks for the television updates Dawn...since I skip the whole TV scene lately with the exception of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Survivor, it is nice to know what else is going on in TV land!

I love a good Miracle story, maybe I should watch that show.

Patricia said...

it's like we're in different countries. where do you get these shows???

i need to buy a tv guide.

herkamayah said...

Next will be "Celebrity Miracle Workers" followed by "Dancing with Celebrity Miracle Workers makeover". You know you'd watch them too...

Gay Torret's...now THAT is hilairous!

TIVO Gone Bad said...

So I too am happy that Prison Break is finally back on after a 3 month break. Sooo..I was traveling for work and was assured that the TIVO would do it's job and record my beloved show. I even checked to make sure everything was all se before I left. But to my sheer horror, the TIVO revolted. I missed the first episode :(. How is it one goes about getting a TVIO to forgive and forget? Carrie