Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Patience for Poop

Not having a good day/week.

Patience being tested.

And it’s not passing.

Pull into the parking area thingy behind my house today and see that someone who lives on the other side of the alleyway is walking their dog in my parking area thingy.

AKA they are letting their dog poop in my parking area thingy.

Leaving poop all over my parking area.

The poop has been prevalent for some time, the donator has been unknown until now.

I usually come home late.

When it’s dark.

And when poop is not visible.

You do the math.

Patience had been failing already, then I see dog pooping in my parking area.

Think very seriously about taking said poop and putting it on the doorstep of the person I saw walking the dog.

But then realize that perhaps I don’t need to add irate neighbors to my long list of things that can make holes in my tires.

So then.

There are options.

My roommate and I came up with a few, let me know what you think.

1. Put the poop back on her doorstep.
2. Put a box of baggies on her doorstep with a note explaining what normal, respectful people do with baggies when they are walking their pooping dog on other people’s property.
3. Put all the poop in her parking area.
4. Maybe on her car.
5. Take a deep breath and count to ten before doing anything rash with poop.


Patricia said...

grrr, i can't stand when people do that! me, i'd have to take a day off and camp out in my parking space (or parking area thingy, as seems to be your technical term) and catch the little turd singlehandedly. or maybe a big poster in the middle of your parking space. a circle with a picture of poo in it, and a big diagonal slash through it.

Chunks said...

I'd take pictures of the offender! Blow it up on an 8x10 and then post it somewhere where they are likely to see it. The baggies on the doorstep are a good idea too. Or you could gather all the poop in a container, put a little water in in, kind of like a poop soup and then pour it on their doorstep.

I hate it when people don't pick up their puppy poop. I have enough of my own animals' treasure to pick up, never mind someone else's. And of course, in the spring, at the corner of our front yard is always a nice little pile from various thoughtful people over the winter. Grrrr!

Dean said...

This reminds me of the 'ole trick where you put the poop in a paper bag, set it on their doorstep, light the bag on fire, ring the door bell and RUN!

The way it is supposed to work is they open the door and say "Holy Smokes! and stomp it out.

But I would say to refer to your wise mothers judgement on this one.

Anonymous said...

OK, start with #5 and then move on to the advise of Patricia and Chunks. If that doesn't work, you must resort to the doorstep thing. Now, I want you to know, CERAMIC dogs don't poop. Mom

Harris Bloom said...

You're a better girl than I - If I knew who it was, I would confront the offending person...prolly with a vein sticking out of my forehead.