Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Friends

My friends are evil:

Here is the latest hiding spot for the freaky stuffed dog I spoke of awhile back. The key to The Roommate’s torture is putting this freaky ass dog in places that will catch me off-guard and provide the most opportunity for me to have a heart attack. This picture is of our coat rack thingy. Where I hang my coat when I walk in. After a hard day out in the world. My Roommate is an evil person.

My friends are angels:

I received these boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the mail the other day from my favoritist friend in the whole world. He sends me Girl Scout cookies every year and every year it is by far the best gift I receive (let’s be honest, Christmas after about age 15 just ain’t that great as far as gifts go (unless you count all the ones I buy myself while shopping for other people)).

This year’s delivery of Girl Scout cookies couldn’t have come at a better time. I had a ridiculous week last week that I probably wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the 40 Thin Mints I ate in the course of two days. Uh, why don’t the Girl Scouts sell the Thin Mints all year round? In like stores or something? I’d buy them. And I wouldn’t have to rely on a friend in a different part of the state to send them to me either. Cause as it is now I know no Girl Scouts and I grocery shop about once a month at midnight. So where the hell am I supposed to get the my Minty Thins hook-up? It’s a bit of an issue. Thank god I have a supplier in Southern California.

Another interesting thing about this picture: I guarantee the girl on the cover of the Thin Mint box is older than me now. I’ve been a lifetime subscriber to the Mints and she has been on the damn box forever. Do ya think the Girl Scouts could go crazy and schedule a new photo shoot every oh, five years or so? Something tells me they might have the budget for it.

My friends are blessed:

After two years of trying, they got two. A boy and a girl. Both perfect. A little tiny, but both healthy and resting up so that they have plenty of energy to keep their parents running around in circles for the next 18 years or so.


Chunks said...

What a perfect post!! It has three elements which make it enjoyable...Comedy, Guilty Pleasure and Babies!

Patricia said...

i wish the girl scout cookies were harder to find here. as if all my co-workers don't get pimped out by their kids and grandkids, there is literally a troup outside every major store for about three months. going to target? there they are. going to lowes? there they are. cookies everywhere. not good.

and the babies. well, it doesn't get any better than that. congratulations to the brand new family. may they take comfort in remembering what sleep used to be.

Thin Mint warehouse said...

I love that freaky stuffed dog and your roomate!