Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Proof That I’m a Jackass

Phone - Ring Ring
Me - Hello
Friend - Hey
Me - Hey, you have to talk fast, my phone only has one bar left. I’ve been on this damn phone all day. It’s been a big day for the eventual brain cancer I’m going to get from this stupid cell phone.
Friend - That joke would be more funny if my aunt wasn’t actually dying of brain cancer right now.
Me - Oh God. I forgot. I am the biggest ass on the planet.
Friend - Yeah, you pretty much are.

Seriously people. Who makes brain cancer jokes to a friend whose aunt has just been diagnosed with incurable brain cancer? I do, that’s who. In my sleep-deprived, cell-phone-a’plentied state, I do. What do you say after that really? No really, it’s a question I’m asking, cause I don’t know what you say. Cause what I said was a combination of stuttering and cussing and apologizing.

I am a jackass.


Patricia said...

we're all jackasses sometimes.

although in this case, i might widen my scope from the planet... to the galaxy.

but then ya gotta let it go. jackasses are cute and forgiveable.

it's the whole shrek and donkey thing.

Anonymous said...

Open mouth, insert foot. At least you didn't ask her if she's pregnant (when she's NOT!).--mom

dawn said...

not funny mother.

Dean said...

I am sorry to hear about your "hoof 'n' mouth" disease!

It sure seems like you have been stepping in it lately. Maybe your Dad is right and you should settle down with a red-neck, fishing pro. At least the Bass are not offended.