Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have way too much chocolate in my house right now. It is not a good thing.

Remember that weight I lost in Guatemala? 10 pounds? Yeah, I’ve put it all back on. In fact, I think I might have even gained back more than 10 pounds. I do not think that the chocolate in my house is helping matters at all.

Yesterday I went to See’s Candy to buy some more chocolate to complete some gift bag things I’m putting together for clients. (Let’s just say that my intention was for the gift bag things to only include the turtle things I ordered from New Orleans. And then let’s just say there will not be enough of them left to make anything resembling a decent gift bag. And then I don’t really think we have to say that I am a weak sad person who cannot be trusted with turtles.) My parents went with me too, to pick up some chocolate for another family member’s business clients. Basically we bought a lot of chocolate. 300 bucks worth actually. That is a lot of money to spend on chocolate.

And we were far from the only people dropping hundreds of dollars on chocolate either. It was packed in that place. In the middle of a workday. The people who work there were literally just opening new boxes full of inventory and handing it to customers, not even putting it on the shelf. People are crazy during the holidays, really.

I took this picture in the parking lot of See’s Candy. That is the wrapper of one of the 2 pound boxes of chocolate. Someone had no interest in giving said box as a present. They were much more interested in busting open the box right there in the parking lot. Littering laws be damned! There is chocolate to be eaten!

I understand this person’s plight. I am, at this very moment, sitting a mere ten feet from several bags full of arguably the best chocolate in California and New Orleans. I must be strong. I should be strong. But we all know I will not be strong.

I might have to plan a trip to Guatemala in January to get rid of this holiday weight...


Chriskwaanzakah bear said...

I love your willingness to reveal anything unflattering about yourself.

famous said...

No worries Dawn, you always look great. An extra 10 pounds of chocolate may do you good. If not, you could always run it off.

Patricia said...

i love that you went through enough of the new orlean's candy to need to go to see's. next i predict an entry where you're making up the see's deficit at a 7-11.

never underestimate the power of chocolate.