Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Recap

Well y’all, it’s officially over. We have all survived the holidays. Some of us are a little heavier than when we began this great season, but that is what Jesus would want. He always enjoyed chocolate, I’ve heard.

I had a lovely holiday weekend with my family. On Christmas Eve I made my parents dinner to celebrate the season, it was the best food ever. And, yes, by “made” I mean “we went to a restaurant and someone else made it”. But really that is the close as I come to preparing a meal, and I think we all know it is better that way. These are the holidays people, there is no need to risk food poisoning on Jesus’ birthday.

Then on Christmas we ate some more and proceeded to play about 18 hours straight of Family Cranium. By “family” they mean “kinda remedial” because it is meant to be easy enough for kids to play. There was only one kid playing with us. By the end of the evening all the adults said, “Lord, don’t get the adult version, we’d never get anything right.” The kid and I were on a team against my mom and her sister. My mom and her sister are what you would call the analytical type. Me and the kid are a little more on the creative side. My mom and her sister spent roughly 30 minutes trying to find a “Creative Cat” card that they could successfully complete. They did not appreciate the fact that me and the kid only took about 2 seconds to complete one. These grown women resorted to name-calling and physical violence many times. Which makes the whole thing just like most holiday celebrations.

Now I must tell you about the greatest holiday celebration of all. Everyone gather ‘round as I tell the tale.

Every year my mom’s side of the family gets together before Christmas for a holiday gathering. This year my aunt said, “Hey, you know there is a great buffet down at the Indian casino...we could just go there instead of cooking a huge meal, then we could come back to the house for presents.” We put it to a family vote (at which I proclaimed “Hell Yeah!”) and it was unanimously decided that eating-all-we-can was a great way for us to celebrate the Christ’s birth.

So we went to a casino for Christmas.


Even more awesome was that fact that I had three quarters in my pocket and I put them into a slot machine and won $30 while I was waiting for the family celebration to begin. God bless us everyone.


tornwordo said...

I want to do that next year! Screw the day of cooking, lol. Glad you had a good holiday.

Chunks said...

We got Cranium last year for Christmas. We played once. Darin and I each had a kid on our team. He and the kid cheated through the whole game which totally got my team riled up. To skip over the disgusting part, the game ended with dad threatening to throw the whole damn game in the fireplace. Yeah. Good times.

We actually can laugh about it now. We haven't played Cranium since though, and I miss it. hahah!

Patricia said...

oh i'm so very bad at cranium. especially if i have to hum. everything comes out sounding like something from kool and the gang. you don't want me on your team. but then that was probably always abundantly clear.

i'm getting third-grade dodgeball flashbacks here. not good.