Friday, December 01, 2006


I am having real trouble accepting that it is December. It’s not sitting well with me in the least. Where the hell did the year go? Someone asked me the other day what I was doing for New Years and I just kinda shrugged in a way that indicates they were morons for asking me so far in advance. But it’s not far in advance. It’s like a month away. What the?

Seriously, where did the year go? And what was I doing that I missed it?

Remember how slow years used to go when you were a kid? My god, they would just crawl by. The four years of high school seemed like a never-ending prison. Now? Four years flip by on fast forward. And I don’t even get to wear a nice little cap and gown afterwards. It’s not fair at all, really.

It doesn’t help that I live in California. Our temperatures here aren’t exactly a good indication of seasons. It’s gotten pretty cold the past couple of days, but still, it doesn’t feel overly December-y or anything. And then I spent the better part of November traveling so that kinda threw everything off. I come home and it’s the end of the year. When I left we still had a little bit of time.

I guess it’s good that I spent the last three weeks traveling. When I travel, especially those kinds of trips, time seems to move at a much slower pace. You feel like you’ve been gone two months when it’s only been 4 days. So I guess that is a good thing, November felt incredibly long, which extended the year for me a little. But still. How the hell is it already December? I am not prepared for this. I don’t want to shop. I don’t have any money, I just took a month off work, this is not a good time to be spending. Maybe everyone would like a nice picture of Guatemala? Or a maybe! A package of peanuts I stole on the plane? Feliz Navidad?

I dunno. Maybe I’ll get a little tree for my condo, if my place looks Christmas-y maybe I’ll start to come to terms with it being December. Because so far it’s not going well at all. This is the first year in awhile that I haven’t had a roommate, and therefore this is the first year in awhile I haven’t decorated the house. The last roommate was ridiculously festive and insisted on getting and decorating a tree the day after Thanksgiving. She also insisted on eggnog and christmas carols. She was festive. And so was our house. I didn’t mind it, it was kinda fun, but lets be honest, on my own? I’m not a tremendously festive person. But I am a person who needs to accept that it is December. So maybe I’ll buy a menorah or something and accept the holidays into my life.

Fa la la friggin’ la.


Chriskwaanzakah fan said...

What NO mention of Chriskwaanzakah?? Shame shame! You have to christen your new place with a new song!

Dean said...

I hear you loud and clear. For me I have experienced the same "missing time" phenomenom as you. And yes, you at least have to put a little something up to have some good cheer during December. Ho-ho-bloody-well-ho...

Scrooge said...

Bah Humbug!

The Grinch said...

I don't celebrate as my heart is three sizes to small.

Patricia said...

i think you should borrow your mom's dog and set him up near where you work. that and the shit bitch bear should be enough to keep you company.

i mean, c'mon, get a little festive, for cryin out loud!