Thursday, December 28, 2006

Confusing Ad

So I’m flipping through my magazine tonight, catching up on all the exciting things that happened in 2006, and I see an ad. I am confused by it. It’s got a picture of a river, with a city built on either side and then on the bottom of the ad it says “More than 65,000 drivers have accidents every year while leaving parking spaces.” And I’m looking at the river and trying to figure out what the hell it has to do with parking spaces. And then I look up and see that there is a car flying out of a parking garage, headed toward the river I spoke of earlier.

Here is the ad:

I am confused by this.

Is the guy throwing himself into the water because he ran into someone’s car while leaving his parking space? Is he leaving his parking space and took a wrong turn that lead him to his current location? Is he just deciding to end it all because he is apparently driving a car circa Dukes of Hazzard?

These are all questions that I felt needed answers. So it says at the bottom of the ad, “See how this accident happened at" So I go there. Because apparently I’m a complete loser with nothing to do but follow up on confusing magazine ads. (This is something that might be treatable by the many drugs being advertised in the magazine. I’ll read their 5 pages of fine print and see if there is anything in there about curing my dorkiness.)

When I get to the Allstate website I see a commercial that has some sort of car chase (involving 1970's cars for some reason) that ends in one of the cars going off of this huge parking garage. And then That Guy That Played The President On 24 says, “Now would be a good time to have accident forgiveness. Are you in good hands?”


Who is Allstate offering to forgive exactly? And do you really think that the dude who is being chased by the other dude (and apparently has done something bad enough to get the other dude to chase him) is really thinking, “Man I sure hope my insurance premiums don’t go up as a result of this high-speed chase that I’m involved in right now and that is going to cause my car to plummet 20 stories into a river in just a moment.”

Uh, no.


tornwordo said...

You have to wonder sometimes the meeting where they finalize these decisions. Who okayed this retardation?

Chunks said...

Dawn you can have the padded room next to mine in the crazy house! You've earned it!

Janet said...

I think magazine ads are a lot like movies. No longer is it just enough to elude to the accident, they have to show it now, in graphic detail.

Take the new Jetta commercials. At least I think it's Jetta. People siting in a car, minding their own business when BANG they get struck. At the end they're supposed to be thankful they had a Jetta, for some unknown reason. It's in your face advertising at its best, or its worst all depending on how you look at it.:)

Anonymous said...

Now tell us what City and what river the bridge is over?

Patricia said...

silly magazine ads aside, please know that we all realize that the pill to cure your dorkiness has not yet been invented.

thank goodness.