Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tis the Season

I changed the layout of my blog. Damn Blogger has been all up on me for months to change over to the new blogger. So I finally did. I am hesitant to change over to newer versions of things because a lot of times they have bugs. And I do not have the patience to deal with bugs. I want things to work the way I want them to work, I do not want them to freeze up and die because some computer dork somewhere decided something needed to be “upgraded”. And by “upgrade” he meant “add more bugs”.

So then. I updated to the new version of blogger. So far it’s only frozen 4 times. Not bad.

And then I changed the template of the blog, cause I’m wacky like that. I do not want to admit how long I just spent changing the template. As if this change really had some sort of impact on my life. I tried out several and settled on this one. I almost went with one that said it was “rose” colored, but in too many parts it was actually “pink” colored. And I don’t think I’m quite ready for a pink blog. I’ve just recently made my way out of my all black/all the time phase, so we may be years away from the embracing of pink. I’ll keep you updated.

Other than that there is very little news to report. I’ve still made pretty much no headway on my Christmas shopping. That’s okay, right? I actually had to kill some time while a friend and I waited for a movie last night and we made the grave mistake of wandering into Walmart. Wow. That is sure an interesting place to wander a week before Christmas. At one point my friend looked at me (while I was pushing a button on a dancing, singing hamster/maybe squirrel thing and dancing along with it) and he said, “Do you realize you are the only person smiling in this whole store? No one is happy here.” “Well, that’s because these hamster/maybe squirrel things are not out in a more obvious place where people can play with them. I mean, it’s singing Macho Macho Man. And he has chest hair!”

I dunno people. I want to be holly and jolly, I do, but it’s all so manufactured. I LOVE buying presents for people and giving people gifts, it is so much fun. But this time of year is the only time of year where you can hand someone a gift and actually make them feel bad, because they didn’t get you one, or they didn’t get you as good a one, or whatever. There is something wrong about that.

But there is something right about giving people a singing hamster/maybe squirrel, so everyone on my list is getting one of those. That will gaurantee that no one feels bad when I hand them a gift this season.


tornwordo said...

I like the new layout. I was all ready to switch this morning, and then when I signed in, it didn't prompt me to switch.

Walmart a week before Christmas? I can't think of a more hellish place, lol.

Patricia said...

i'll bet the shit bitch bear would love the company of a dancing, singing hamster/maybe squirrel thing. perhaps the ceramic dog would like one, too. i hope you've included them on your list.

be holly, be jolly, and if others can't deal with it, pluck 'em.

Dean said...

Did we get a picture of your Moms dog for Christmas yet? I hope I didn't miss it.

I totally understand about your reference to Christmas being so manufactured. It is sad that many people have fallen into the "rut" and do not know the way out. (Ladders on isle 7)

Yet I believe in the end, many will find something. Even if it is but a small glimmer of Christmas. Well at least I hope so.

PS: The signing hamsters crack me up too. :)

Wal Non-Mart said...

I like the new layout!, very slick. I am amazed as well that you were in Wal-Mart during Christmas week. I was there several years ago during Christmas and I remember the aisles looking like someone had ramsacked them, like a mob was looking for evidence in a Scorcese movie. It was brutal. I vowed to stay away since then. But they didn't have singing hamster-squirrels then either.

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