Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bored Blogging

I am driving in colorado.

I was previously driving in wyoming.

Before that, Utah.

Today has been just miles of fun.

So I have taken to blogging while I drive. Safe? Yeah probably not so much. But I have been going straight for hundreds of miles, so me thinks there aren't any major swerves coming up.

We are headed to Boulder. It is supposed to be nice there. Honestly, anything will be nice compared to Salt Lake. My lord I did not like it there. I think they designed the streets and freeways to either try to keep people out or to trap them in.

I'm thankful to have made it out. The city of salt and U-turns.

This is more than a little difficult, the blogging with one finger, so I shall go now.

Endless miles and tumbleweeds to you all...


tornwordo said...

I bet you're wondering what all the hubbub is about overpopulation.

Glad you made it out of that scary place. Thanks for the one finger update!

Chunks said...

Stay safe on your travels Dawn.

Patricia said...

blogging while driving? methinks you may be taking your whole "dream in motion" thing a bit far.