Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Colorado Not-So-Free-ways

Other states are interesting. And by interesting I mean weird.

There is this “freeway” here. It is called a “toll” road. Which always strikes me as odd. Why am I paying to be driving on a friggin’ freeway? But okay. Once in awhile I am forced to stop and throw money at a person wearing latex gloves. It’s one of the things I’ve accepted as completely ridiculous, but also completely unavoidable. I try not to let it bother me.

Until. Colorado.

There is a freeway here. We came in on this freeway the other night. And by the time we came off the freeway we were broke. Seriously. This freeway has a toll booth like every 5 miles. What the? At first I thought it was cute. There is a little sign that says “Cash ½ mile.” I thought it was hilarious. Cause that’s all it says, “Cash ½ mile.” Woo Hoo! Cash in a half a mile!! Unfortunately I found that the cash was mine, and it was to be handed over to the people in the tollbooth.

I missed the first Cash sign and I was bummed because I really wanted to get a picture of it. So I was kinda excited when the next Cash sign came up. Sweet! I can take a picture and document this way funny sign! And then the next Cash sign came up another 5 miles down the road. And another. And then they started losing their cuteness. What the hell?! Why with the $2 every 5 feet? Is there gold lining the highways of Colorado? And! And! THEN you have to pay EXACT change of 75 cents to get OFF THE FRIGGIN’ freeway. There is a little thing that you have to throw the money in as you are exiting.


Colorado has taken all my cash. I am not feeling Rocky Mountain High at all.


tornwordo said...

Kinda makes the freeway an oxymoron. Should be the payway or the cashway, lol.

Chunks said...

What a bizarre story! I would pay to drive on a road if it would encourage someone to PLOW the SNOW off it! Maybe that is why they need the bucks? I don't know. Is there any way you can bypass Colorado on your way back home? Can you take a left turn at Albequerque?

Anonymous said...

You used to think it was FUN when you were about 10 years old and we went to Florida and had to pay the basket. Of course, it wasn't your money then.--mom

Patricia said...

ha! i love your mom's comment!

toll roads are horrible. the last time we went to chicago, we got a little lost and ended up having to circle around through the same tolls THREE TIMES. the woman just laughed at us the last time.

給飛行 said...

It was not E470, which loops beyond the outskirts of the eastern half of Denver, was it? If so, it seems you found what I believe is the only toll road in the entire state, all 50some miles of it. Really, I know of no other toll road in all of Colorado. Methinks only commuters and those deathly afraid of light city traffic use it -- it was not some wily/snickering local who told you to go that way, was it?