Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Put Him in Coach

I am home.

For one night.

Then off for another three weeks.

I will now go sleep in my bed.

I will give you this picture to hold you over until the next blog.

Mom took the picture this month and sent it to me, she understands the importance of the dog outfit making an appearance every month.
He's ready for Spring Training!

I have to admit that this outfit was a bit of a cheat on our part. We didn't make this costume so much as we stole it off the Cabbage Patch Kid in the living room. The Cabbage Patch Kid had arms, so he was a little more able to play baseball. And he didn't look quite as stump-ish. But Fido is a go-getter. I don't think he is going to let a silly thing like no arms get in the way of his Spring Training dreams.
And in the same spirit I am not going to let a silly thing like this blog get in the way of my dreams. Night night.


Anonymous said...

A dog with no arms that plays baseball, that's the kind of guest that you usually follow on talk shows. Maybe your mom can see about booking him before you at your next session and you both can become famous.

Have fun on your trip, see you in NOLA, and don't get lost.

Chunks said...

Oh Dawn, you do know how to make my day! How I love that damn dog!

Spring? What is this spring thing you speak of?!

Dean said...

Hurrah Mom!
I was in need of a dog fix this week. Love the spring training theme, as I just got my tickets for the Sacramento River Cats games. Batter up!

Slick said...

He better hurry and get trained. I'm guessing the Giants are really gonna need him!

Patricia said...

i had no idea one could adopt a cabbage patch giants player. loan fido out to barry bonds for a few weeks. he'll return with freakishly large arms within no time, as well as an angrier, more defensive attitude sitting there on mom's porch.