Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not So Cured

Shocker of shockers, Mountain Dew and popcorn didn’t quite cure me. I have been in bed all day yet again. Yet again rising for only food and some dessert. I can’t imagine why I don’t feel well.

I think my body is rebelling, I think it very much wants to be on my couch back home watching TV and eating Chinese take-out. It has humored me for this long and now it is just about done with this silly touring thing. It is expressing its disapproval in the form of body aches and exhaustion.

My head is clogged up and I can’t breathe or hear that well. I’m thinking that tomorrow’s morning show appearance is going to be simply fabulous. Don’t miss it if you are in San Diego. I may just stare blankly into the camera for my entire three minute segment. Could happen.

Funny thing, not a lot to report about today, as most of it was spent sleeping.

BUT I do have a video from a bathroom I visited here in San Diego. Well, I didn’t JUST visit the bathroom, I was actually in the restaurant and then I went into the bathroom. And then I went in again with my camera, because it was something that I knew you guys would want to see. Yes, I know I have a problem that needs to be addressed when it comes to cameras and bathrooms. But really, it can take a number in the Problems That Need to Be Addressed line. It’s a very long line.


Stephanie said...

Is it weird that I got all excited about another bathroom video? I thought so. Feel better.

tornwordo said...

I couldn't see what you wrote. I hope you feel better sweetie.

Chunks said...

Bathroom chalkboards are for the poopers to release their inner Picasso. It's supposed to cut down on graffiti, I would imagine. Someone probably did a study on it or something.

Feel better.

Patricia said...

while i find the idea of chalkboards in a restroom interesting (like chunks said, to cut down on grafitti) i am always horrified at what the chalk has soaked up and so therefore refuse to write anything.

or maybe i like the video extra lots because the bee gees were playing in the background.