Thursday, March 01, 2007


It sure does snow a lot in other states. A really lot.

Tonight we made our way from Bend, OR to the Portland, OR area. I will not go into detail about how much snow we encountered along the way, because my dear mother reads this blog and is not doing so well with my winter traveling plans.

We will be here until Sunday. I’m glad to be in one place for more than a few hours. Constantly being on the road is not nearly as much fun as all those truck drivers make it out to be. Maybe if we had a cool horn we could pull and honk. That might be the difference.

In our truck not only do we not have a cool horn, we also do not have much room. I am not driving, my Camera Guy Edwin is driving, so that I can try to remain Homeowner Dawn. I’ve got my laptop, my Blackberry and a wireless internet connection. It’s an office on wheels really. And again, it’s not as much fun as things on wheels usually are.

I am terribly impressed with the reach of this wireless internet thingy though. We were driving in the middle of nowhere today for about 95% of the day and yet I was still on the internet, and able to continue to do my work and get it to my clients. Technology can be amazing.

Another thing that is amazing? This picture:

Why? Why are we putting cheese inside of tater tots? Why? Are we just not wanting to deal with those last few years of our lives? Do we just need to take our arteries for a test drive every once in awhile?

I dunno.

What I do know:

Is that the Burger is definitely worthy of it’s own “ville”.

Tonight (post-cheesey tots, pre-Burgerville) I went to a book signing. And apparently the event took its name quite literally. I signed one book. No one else came. Well, that’s not true. Camera Guy Edwin and my Aunt and Uncle came. But everyone else was sane and decided that snow is not a fun thing to be out in.

Oh well. At least the evening included a trip to all was not lost.


tornwordo said...

Um, you speak of snow, you admit to having not only a camera, but a full man to go with, and still, no pictures of said snow.

The cheesy tots made my mouth water.

Hamlette said...

Cheesy tots are funny, and so is the "HAmlette" sandwich! See, this is what makes road trips fun, forget the book signing that's just the reason.

Patricia said...

ya gotta get yourself a booking in margaritaville rather than burgerville. that way you won't care (or remember) how many people were at your signing.