Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm too lazy to type.

So I give you video instead.

First, this is the funniest video EVER. Please note the slow-motion running. TOTALLY natural.

And here is a highlight reel of what we've done so far.

I am very famous. Oprah, take note.


tornwordo said...

Great videos! I hope Oprah dixcovers you.

Chunks said...

Or Ellen. Or someone.
Will you still be our friend when you start hanging with Bob Greene and Gayle King? I sure hope so.

You give good face. Isn't that the term that TV people use? You're good on the Tube is what I mean.

Anonymous said...

You are so famous right now. Who knew your apathy and love of tv would result in something so amazing?

Patricia said...

and to think that we loved you first for your lessons on movie hopping.

my favorite part of the videos - not only the slow motion running but the slow motion supermodel hair.

teri said...

Great video, but message to that one interviewer, you did not "literally, get back on the horse" if you did that would not have been RUNNING it would have been RIDING. Someone needs to teach her the meaning of "literally".