Friday, March 09, 2007


We are in Salt Lake City now. 11 hours in the car. Three states. Now we are here.

I think it is quite funny that Utah, the land of Mormon is right next door to Nevada, the land of sin. As we were driving on the freeway there was this huge area in the middle of nowhere that had a bunch of casinos and hotels and neon lights and $5.99 Steaks. Then we saw a sign that said “Welcome to Utah”. And that is where all the fun stopped. Nevada had to build a city of sin right on the friggin’ border of Utah. Just to tempt them. Ha.

And speaking of $5.99 steaks. We had quite a lovely steak dinner this evening. We went to a steakhouse in the middle of Nevada and went ahead and ordered a steak. We ordered it medium- well. Methinks that whatever way you order your steak at this steakhouse you just get it the one way they prepare it. That way is well-leather. It was lovely. I ate a lot of the bake potato and corn.

We stopped and ate at the steakhouse because up until that point in the day (8 pm) we had eaten only food that had come from a minimart. Such food is a glorious thing, but occasionally it is a good idea to put something besides donnettes, beef jerky, cotton candy and chips into your body. Roll that all around with some Mountain Dew and you can see why we were happy to see a sign for a steak. Unfortunately, I think the steak might have actually come from the mini-mart too...

I’m off to bed. It is an hour later here. I think. I should look that up or something. So I actually show up on time to my event tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to keep the fans waiting. The two of them may get upset and leave. That is my average, about 2 people at every event. But see, if a store has an event with me then they end up ordering like 20 books and putting them out for people to see. This makes me stand out in huge bookstores and actually results in quite a few books being sold. Which is good. It does not necessarily result in anyone coming to the events. Which is embarrassing

The other night at the Fairfield Barnes and Noble the lady said that they had sold 11 books before I even arrived, because people noticed the poster for the book signing and then took a look at the book and decided to buy it. This was exciting. Less exciting was the fact that only one person actually showed up during my book signing time. My good friend Edwin, always the supporter, said, “It seems as if the poster of your book is actually selling more books than you in person.”

It’s a really good poster though...


Patricia said...

i can barely type for all the shuddering i'm doing at the ordering of a steak to be cooked medium-well. please! repeat after me. medium rare.

good luck with the mormons!

tornwordo said...

The solution seems clear. Install more posters. Maybe you can sneak around the bookstore when they're not looking and put more up. Have fun in polygamyland, lol.

Chunks said...

Lookout for the Mormons Dawn, they'll have you going door to door. Although, maybe if you found a couple of rebellious ones, you could get them to hock your book door to door instead of that OTHER book they are always preaching about. I'd buy a running book from a Mormon.