Monday, March 05, 2007

Bye Bye Oregon

We have left Oregon. We are now back in California for a brief time. Then we head off to the east, on our way across to Chicago. Oprah! Here I come. If anyone cancels an appearance on your show I’d be happy to fill in. I’m an old pro at the tv shows now. Call me. Or, better yet, call my “people”. Cause I have “people” and I’m thinking that they are definitely the ones that should be handling calls from Oprah.

It is very weird to have “people”. God love ‘em they are pimping me out to pretty much anyone who will take their calls. Today I had a book signing at a running place in Eugene, Oregon and while I was there a camera crew from the local news came out to talk to me. I was a bit worried about this, as my last book signing included the signing of only one book and the attendance of only one couple. I didn’t know that this was exactly the kind of event that the local media needed to be made aware of. I feared that they would arrive and there I would be sitting, all by my lonesome, surrounded by books, without an interested patron in sight. Is this something that people need to see on the evening news? I think no.

Thankfully there were some people at this event. Unfortunately most of them were gone by the time the news people arrived. But I did have a couple friends with me (my entourage, you know) and so they stood there and talked to me, looking all interested and informed by me and my book. News at 11.

We had quite a lot of fun this weekend. There are pictures. I will not get into the fun, as without the pictures it’s just hardly worth it. But I will say that three ladies, $20 at the Salvation Army, a shopping cart and 500 drunken idiots add up to a lot of fun.

I must go sleep now.


tornwordo said...

Pics and fun! I want it.

Patricia said...

you've already been doing those news shows for too long 'cause that last line was a total tease.

good luck with the whole Heading East thing. here in the Not Even East, it's going down to three degrees tonight. i hope those people of yours are warm.

Chunks said...

Poor Dawn! Would you be happy to get your people to call maybe a lesser known than Oprah? It does seem like quite a goal. Maybe Rachel Ray? Then she could teach you how to cook a thirty minute meal too!! Diversify Dawn, it's the key to staying in the limelight!! Keep having fun out there!