Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fun With Videos! Surfing!

So I got a DVD burner on my computer. And I’ve been a burning fool ever since. I’ve been going through the millions of tapes I have stacked here. Why I never felt the need to actually LABEL tapes as I stacked them is beyond my level of comprehension right now.

But I came across some fun video from a couple years ago when I trained for a marathon. The video has nothing to do with the marathon, other than it took place after the marathon, while we were in Hawaii.

Having just moved my body for 26 miles I thought I could do anything. Anything! Including surfing, apparently. Uh, I was wrong.

The beach people gave me the surfboard and said, “If you fall, don’t put your feet down.” Whatever. I grabbed the surfboard and headed off to my eventual career as a professional surfer. It was really only a matter of time before I was on the pro circuit.

Unfortunately my Blue Crush dreams were shattered with my first fall from the surfboard. I tried to not put my feet down, but as it turns out that is where your feet want to go when you fall. It’s kinda natural. And there’s not really much you can do about it, short of keeping your feet out of the water, while your head remains submerged. Also, despite the fact that I was a good 45 miles off the shore the ocean was still only about 3 feet deep where I fell. Uh, yeah.

So my feet, more specifically my right foot, came into contact with some coral. I didn’t think much of the pain the coral caused as I had just recently drug my ass for 26 miles, so at this point pain was kinda a permanent part of my body. I climbed back on the surfboard and began looking for my next great wave. Eventually I looked back at my foot, to see if there was a bruise yet. There wasn’t. But there were quite a few porcupine-type needles sticking out of the foot. Holy poop.

My friend tried to pull them out but just ended up breaking them off really. Lovely. I paddled my way back to shore and was met with my amused friend and the video camera. I was not nearly as amused.

The beach people got some vinegar to kill the poison in my foot. And the rest of the day my friend kept saying, “You smell like Easter.” Easter, by the way, does not smell good.

Here’s some video taken by my very amused friend. I recommend pushing play then pause and letting it load all the way to the end before playing it, then it won’t stop as it’s playing. I also recommend everyone note how in shape I was following my running of about 300 miles in 4 months. And I recommend ignoring the fact that I’m wearing pigtails. I was on vacation, high on the permanent stream of Advil pulsing through my body, and really felt that wearing my hair in pigtails for a week was fun.

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goodtimes watcher said...

Now this is the kind of reality TV I like to watch! Much more exciting than that Survivor. (this version could be called Survivor: Jellyfish). Now if you could just incorporate more dancing, infomercials and amazing race-ing, you've got a #1 hit!!

Dean said...

Ah, you have to love Hawaii. I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind "don't put your feet down when you fall". If you didn't, then would that have been sticking out of "someplace else"?