Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Toy - VIDEOS!!!

Okay, I don’t really have much to say today. And I don’t really know how to top yesterday’s blog which included a picture of me blowing up a 5 foot penis. I mean, where do you really go from there?

To kids of course.

I was bouncing around the net today and I came across a site that will let you upload videos to your blog.

Oh yes they will.

How exciting is this? So exciting.

For those of you who don’t know me I should tell you that it sometimes seems as though I have a video camera actually surgically attached to my hand. I enjoy a home movie of all life’s moments.

For those of you who do know me, you are probably very worried right now. As I enjoy capturing life’s embarrassing moments as well. Ahhh blackmail.

So anyways, I’m going to try out this video thing and see if it actually works. The only video I have on my computer right now happens to be one that I made of my young cousin. I know, I know, home movies of kids are usually far from entertaining. Even though the parents SWEAR the videos are THE BEST THING EVER. And I really don’t want to fall into that “dude, your kid is NOT cute, STOP wasting film on her” category.

But this kid is cute.

So it was my aunt’s birthday. And she enjoys Elvis. So I made her this video. Actually I made her a much longer video, with changed lyrics and the kid singing, and all that. But I think that a small dose is best for the people who don’t actually love the child. Let me know if you can see it. And please let me know if my love for this kid is blinding me to the fact that this is complete crap.

I’m sure you will love her too. But just in case, I’m going to go scrounge up my video of the 5 foot penis.
I recommend pushing play, then pushing pause and letting it load to the end. If you don't then it will stop periodically as it's loading. And this piece of art deserve better than to be interrupted.


Anonymous said...

Ok Dawn, you are having way too much fun with this. Ha ha ha!!!! We need to hook up, but without a video camera I don't want to be your next victim.


Dean said...


I was laughing so hard I started to cry...and I don't even have speakers at work!

Have to get some speakers.

Playground in my Mind said...

ROTFLOL. Very cool. I love it. Renee

dawn said...


Get some speakers. Without the music it's just a kid in an Elvis costume. WITH speakers...uh, there is sound...and a kid in an Elvis costume.

Dean said...

Speakers on the way...

Dean said...

Got speakers.