Friday, August 26, 2005

Practical Jokes

Do you guys do the Netflix? This miracle of internet and postal service that somehow brings fresh DVDs to my home all the time? Aaaah. Just when I start to lose faith in the world we live in I find a DVD in my mailbox and I think, “At least SOME people in this world and focusing on the important things.”

If you are not familiar with Netflix (how on earth are you fitting your computer under that rock with you?) I will tell you that it is a beautiful thing. You go online, make a list of the movies you want to see, put them in the order you want to see them, then the internet gods just SEND you the movies to your house. Via fairies. I think. Most people make a ridiculously long list of movies and then don’t revisit the list for weeks at a time.

All that was the set-up.

So I go to my aunt’s office and I have some time to kill, so I go to Netflix to poke around and see if there are any movies I want to add to my list. But when I log on to the site another person’s account comes up. That other person is one of my close friends who happens to work in my aunt’s office. So I decide to have a little bit of fun. I try to find the most random, horrible movie I can find to add to the top of her list. Then she will get the movie in the mail and be baffled as to how that movie ended up at her house. Those crazy fairies!

Unfortunately there is no porn available on Netflix, cause that would have been perfect. And when I went searching in the gay and lesbian section I only found decent films, and I was looking for something horrible. So I ventured over to the documentary section. And there I found what I was looking for: A documentary on beavers. This struck me as an awesome choice. It was random as all hell. And it had the word “beaver” in the title. If I have to explain why that is funny then you are way too mature to even bother with.

So I add the riveting doc to the top of her list and then wait a week or so for her to call. Because I knew she would know I was the one that sent it and we’d laaaaaaauuuuuuggggh. Oh so funny.

But she never called. So I called her. Her boyfriend answered. She was busy doing something so I asked him if they had gotten anything funny in the mail. He said no. I said damn, I put a funny movie on your Netflix list, but she must have seen it on the list and taken it off before it got sent. He said, oh, yeah, she must have, what was the movie? I said, it was a documentary on beavers. He said, “Oh! I LOVED that movie!”

I said, uh, didn’t you wonder why a documentary about beavers randomly showed up at your house? He said, kinda, but I love documentaries so I didn’t really care, I learned a lot. In the background I hear my friend yell, he won’t shut up about the damn beavers! Then he says, they are really amazing animals….and goes off on a tangent about their little beaver things they build and all the other things he learned.

And then, “Thanks for putting that on our list, how’d you know I’d like it?”

“Who doesn’t like beavers, really?”


Beaver lover said...

There is nothing more fun than when a practical joke goes well. Unfortunately, when a practical joke backfires and has the opposite effect it's a bummer. BUT....when a practical joke like this has a totally unexpected outcome, you realize you learn alot more about someone than you ever wanted to and it creates a whole NEW joke! Sometimes, comedy writes itself.

Jenn said...

You're hilarious. And I'm not even being sarcastic. This time. And really, who doesn't love beavers?