Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Job

I know, I know. You all were starting to think I’m lazy. So I took on another job. But this could be the world’s best job, so I had to take it on. I’m writing movie reviews for an online site. The writing of the movie reviews isn’t the fun part. The watching of all the free movies before they are released is definitely the fun part. If only they paid for my popcorn and Sour Patch Kids. Then it would definitely be the world’s best job. That’s the kind of benefit package I look for.

So far I’ve been averaging about two movies a week. I am also averaging two Cokes, a popcorn and 1 nachos per week as well.

I’ve enjoyed most of the movies I’ve seen, but I’m starting to realize that my reviews might be a bit tainted. See, as a rule, I tend to enjoy free things. And I think the fact that they are free makes good things even better. So it is a good possibility that I’m giving great reviews to mediocre movies, just because I’m still on a “free stuff” high. (And who knows what effect mass quantities of buttered popcorn has on a person’s ability to judge in an unbiased fashion)

So this week I saw Flightplan. And I enjoyed it. Because I had M&M’s and a slurpee. But by the time I got to my car I realized that Jodie Foster needs to do a nice little romantic comedy. Maybe she could do one that has gone unproduced because Meg Ryan has decided she’s tired of being cute and cuddly. I fear Jodie may have some sort of anxiety-related aneurysm if she doesn’t start taking on some less stressful roles soon. No wonder she only makes one movie every couple of years. It’s probably on her doctor’s orders.

Jodie spends a majority of Flightplan in panic mode (not to be confused with Panic Room, her previous Fightin’ Foster portrayal of a mom protecting her kid). You can tell she’s in panic mode because she firmly affixes her “panic/grieved/scared/a little confused” look that seems to be a common expression amongst all her characters. Her eyebrows scrunch up to the top of her forehead, her eyes grow big, and small pools of tears form perfectly; glistening in her eye, but waiting to fall until they are cued.

As far as my review for Flightplan? It’s definitely a popcorn movie, not exactly going to be bringing home the third Oscar statue for Jodie. And the plane in the movie could fit through some of the plot holes in the script. But it's a fun couple of hours and a good movie.

If you can get in for free it’s a great movie. And it goes well with a slurpee.


Dean said...

You lucky stiff!

moviehopper said...

This is very exciting! You have finally found a perfect job for yourself. Do they pay you or is it just free movies and concessions?
Most of all, why did you not provide us with the link to this website. How did you find this job, anyway? Do tell.

Jenn said...

I like things better when they're free too. Fancy that.