Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Return From the Wild

I’ve been away from my computer for like three days. Distance has definitely made the heart grow fonder. Technology is an amazing thing that should be valued highly. Hell, electricity is an amazing thing that should be valued highest of all. Oh, oh, and insulation. That should be valued too.

Nothing like spending some time in the woods to make you realize why people who live there end up writing manifestos. Cause there’s nothing else to do in the woods really. Poor Ted Kazynski. If only he would have just found himself a nice Motel 6 with basic cable, he could have saved himself 20 years of having to blow people up.

Being as though I’ve been gone for too many days I don’t have time to write a full blog today. (I’m too busy watching basic cable (for the good of everyone really)) But I would like to share with you an outstanding purchase I made this weekend. You know those little displays of useless crap they have up by the cashier in mini-marts? Yeah, I am soooo the type of person those things are made for. (How can I NOT buy Bob Seger’s Greatist Hits Album? On tape.)

So how could I pass these up?

Beer Goggles! Are you kidding me? Seriously. Best purchase I’ve ever made.

And I don’t even drink.

My favorite part:

They have UV protection. Cause that’s your main concern when buying these glasses, right? Whether or not you are going to be protected from UV rays. You are nothing if not a person concerned with your own health if you are wearing these glasses. (Most likely after consuming just enough alcohol to convince yourself that you will really be able to pull off oversized yellow glasses that completely cover your forehead.)

Here are the glasses in their intended habitat. On a drinking man with no real standards for the things he puts on his face. (Please see the light on his head for additional proof.)

I think in the troubled times we’re experiencing right now these glasses are gonna be a hit. I think looking at the world through beer-colored glasses is a lot easier to do right now than trying to wear those stupid rose-colored ones.


Anonymous said...

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dawn said...

Sorry bout the word verification thing, but I think once you get an ad for prostate cancer research, you've really reached the peak of spam. Any other spam is really going to pale in comparison.

Chick said...

Thumbs up?! For prostate cancer?!


I like the beer goggles...they must make thinks seem like so much more fun...am I right?

kpdzpuka...there's my work verification!

I was going to stop visiting all blogs with these annoying word thingies...but everyone seems to have this option turned on...damn it!

Jenn said...

Where'd you get those? Honestly. I need some, haha. Am I the only idiot who actually enjoys some word verification? ;)

Patricia said...

i am insanely jealous.
the "handles" on the sides of the "mugs" are quite the added detail. a little too much head (oh my, never thought i'd say that) on the brewski but i'll forgive that.

i love to watch people try on sunglasses. seeing someone struggle with the pricetag is just... well... priceless to me. and yeah it's all about the cheap thrills.