Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Moving and Mornings

I went back to my old place of employment today. For more employment. It was just like old times. Except different.

I’m working in a different department. I’m working on a different floor. I’m working different hours. And most importantly, I’m working without a parking pass. Yeah. That means I have to WALK to work. Yeah. Uphill both ways and stuff.

Now, GRANTED, my old place of employment is only like 8 blocks away from my house. But STILL. Walking. That can’t be healthy. I have a bad knee, you know.

And yes. Before you ask, yes. I used to have a parking pass to this job. Cause I don’t enjoy moving that much. Especially in the a.m. hours. Which is when half of the moving would have to happen, in order to get to work on time. And the greatest part about my parking pass? I paid for it. Yep. I paid like $30 a month for it I think. I don’t remember. It came out of my check. Kinda like Social Security. Only I actually got to reap the benefits of the parking pass, which makes it different than the money coming out for Social Security.

My coworkers constantly ridiculed my unwillingness to walk my 8 blocks. They thought they were somehow better than me because their commute was longer than 3.2 minutes (that was including the minute spent driving up the parking garage). But I did not let their taunts get to me, for what is a woman if she doesn’t stand firm on her beliefs? (or in my case, probably sit comfortably in a recliner on her beliefs)

I have a basic life philosophy. I’ll sum it up because a) I just got home from work and it’s 3 a.m. and I don’t have the brain power to go into great detail and b) there isn’t any detail to go into. My philosophy is this: Do the things that make you happy. Try to avoid the things that don’t make you happy. It seems simple but you’d be surprised how many people do not follow this basic philosophy. Luckily for me very few things make me really unhappy, so I’m not usually faced with trying to avoid many things. (If the world were rid of traffic and possums I’d be one happy girl.) BUT two of the very few things that make me unhappy are 1) Mornings and 2) Moving.

And if you had any comprehension of how much I truly despise both of those things you would know that $30 was a small price to pay to avoid combining them into what was sure to be an unpleasant experience for everyone. (most notably the other walkers/homeless people and the unlucky co-workers that would have to deal with me after Moving and Mornings had been combined for 8 blocks)

So then, speaking of things that DO make me happy, my old place of employment was famous for it’s random food that could be found in various departments at any given time. New employees often gained the freshmen 15 when coming to work there. Cake! Doughnuts! Bagels! Muffins! More Cake! Sandwiches! And maybe an apple or an orange! But those are just for show!

Because I had burned all those calories WALKING to work this morning I had no worries about eating half of the Plate ‘o Carbs that was on the receptionist’s desk. We movers have to keep our energy up, you know.


momentum occasion said...

Does movie hopping count as "moving"? Because you love to movie hop. Of course, most of movie hopping involves sitting, but there is still the journey to the actual theatre(s). Do they have little cars that travel from theatre to theatre for you? They should. Complete with a built-in snack bar.

jklxsw said...

The ultimate dilemma for you would be if they were showing free movies all day at the Hexo-plex but you had to be there by 6 AM.

dawn said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be getting out of bed for the movies. But could you imagine how many movies I could see if I started at 6:30 in the morning? Holy hemorrhoids batman!

rochelle said...

Please, please, please write a blog about the education department, and especially its director. Unless of course she somehow has heard about your blog. Then don't.