Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big Day

Today was a very big day. Not only was is the first day in a week that I’ve felt not completely sick, but overall it was just a big day.

First of all I returned home this morning after a meeting and saw a shiny object on the ground near where I park. I got out of the car and went closer to it. It was the faceplate to my stereo. So turns out the criminals who broke into my car officially stole absolutely nothing. I did lose $150 on replacing the window, but unless they are part of an elaborate business-generating scheme for mobile glass services I don’t see how the criminals really benefitted from breaking into my car. People really need to get hobbies if they’ve got nothing to do besides trash cars. And they need to pick cars that aren’t already trashed inside, cause trashing my car was hardly an accomplishment.

Another big thing today? Tax Day!! Very exciting indeed. Never one to procrastinate I dropped off my taxes at the bright and early time of 7:30 p.m. today. The post office was open till like 9, so I was really getting a jump on things this year. Come to find out - I’m not the only one to put off taxes. As I approached the post office it looked like there was construction going on, all the cars were stopped, lights blinking, cops pointing in different directions. Then I got closer and realized that all the people in this line were paying their taxes at 7:30 pm on tax day. God Bless America. And God Bless the Post Office People who were standing in the middle of the damn road smiling and taking our taxes. But God Extra Bless the one man standing on the sidewalk holding a sign that read “Abolish the IRS”. Really. I love this man. With all the things going on in the world, all the things to try to fight against, he made a sign, walked out to the post office and stood there in hopes of abolishing the IRS. Look for it on the national news. I’m sure he’s going to set off a firestorm of publicity with his efforts.

That whole “not talking on my phone as much” thing? Yeah. Didn’t go so well today. My phone actually died. Just died cause I had talked to much on it. It just gave up. Coincidentally my voice met a similar fate. Today was the first day my voice has been back, but after talking all day the voice has scurried away again. I called my mom tonight and when she answered I said, “Are you in bed yet?” And she said, “Who is this? You have the wrong number.” Then she hung up on me. Then I called back and she said, “What number are you calling?” And I said her number, then she said, “Well, you got that number, who are you trying to reach?” I said her name. She said, “Well, you got her. Who is this?” I said, “Your daughter.” I might need to rest the voice as she thought I was the 98 year old woman who calls once a week after dialing the wrong number.

When I returned home from work late tonight I saw an animal lurking in the shadows. I literally said outloud, “Please be a cat. Please be a cat. Please be a cat.” It wasn’t a cat. It was a racoon. Which is a lot better than a possum. Cause if it was a possum I’d still be outside, hiding in my car. BUT the point of the story is that the racoon was the size of a medium sized dog. And now I wonder if perhaps cussing out my neighbors for walking their pooping dogs in my parking area might have been a bit off-target. Hmmm.

Dog owners wouldn’t be the type to vandalize a car, would they?


Dean said...

Racoons wear masks, so he may very well have been the culprit!

Patricia said...

dang i like the glimpses into your world! clearly, you need a nanny cam. or a racoon cam. or some sort of surveilance to put an end to the mystery. i await the footage.