Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some Photos

It's 4:30 and I'm still up. I have no energy to write, so I shall instead show you some pictures:

Here are all of the snack cakes that I received for my non-birthday this weekend. And by "all" I mean "all minus the 23 I've eaten in the last 48 hours". Is this not ridiculous? I think it is. How is a person supposed to sit in the same house as this much cake-like goodness? We'll be generous and say that these things are "cake-like" because after extensive research (aka eating 23) I've come to realize that they don't really taste like any cake I've ever eaten. And trust me, I've eaten some cake.

This is an actual product in my parents' cupboard. Chicken Flavored Crackers? Really? Yes really. You can tell really because there is a picture of a happy chicken on the box. Know why he's happy? Cause of the line that reads "artificially flavored". No chickens were harmed in the making of these crackers. I can make no promises for the well being of the animals that ingest these things though...

I took this at a stop light this weekend. Notice the One Way sign on the right. Then notice the sign with arrows pointing both ways. It's all quite confusing. Not as confusing as why someone invented chicken-flavored crackers, or why my parents bought them, but still, confusing nonetheless.

Finally! Something that makes sense! Fido is all dresses up for Easter. God he is festive. And apparently a big fan of pastels as well. Is it me or does this dog look a little sadder every month? Poor little guy. My dad says he looks like the pope. If the pope were a little hairier I guess. And if the Catholic church was actually a welcoming place. That was my attempt at religious humor, but to be honest I really don't know if the pope is catholic.

I think I remember my mother used to say, "Is the pope catholic?" But that wasn't because she wondered too, it was because she was making a point that something was obvious. Ala, "Does this dog look ridiculous in ears that are twice the size of its head?" then you say, "Is the pope catholic?" as a way of saying, "Of course!" But see that phrase never really worked with me, cause I never really knew if the pope was Catholic, so it really just seemed like we were adding questions instead of trying to get an answer to my original inquiry.

All I know for sure? Chicken crackers and Ding Dongs don't mix. Just take my word for it.


Dean said...


Your Mom's Dog is back! He looks all ready for the Easter Bunny. I hope he gets a chocolate bunny. Dogs love rabbits.

I swear Dawn, you should make a calendar with a picture of your Mom's dog every month. I know I'd take one.

Chunks said...

I was thinking the same thing...A CALENDAR!! I would order one! Since I am a dog lover and a person in need of a calendar. Make everyone one for Chriskwanzika!!

The pictures of the ring dings and twinkies and all the other cake like goodies are making me hungry.