Friday, April 28, 2006


So then.

About the book.

And the writing of it.

It has to be 70,000 words.

That’s a lot of words. A really lot.

Perhaps I should get to writing them?

But first!

I received an e-mail update today alerting me to the theater coming to San Francisco this year. I love being so close to SF, cause I can go there and see decent theater all the time. And a lot of times shows hit SF before they go to Broadway, so it’s like a sneak preview. For instance: We knew on this coast that Lestat sucked monkey balls long before it opened on Broadway.

Anywho. I got the list of plays and musicals coming to SF this year and some of them will be heading to Broadway after stopping here. You know Broadway. The one with all the talent and culture and history and slightly self-important tone? Yeah, that one. On that very Broadway next year:

Really? Has it come to this? Has the stupidity of a majority of America really seeped into Broadway? Well, I know that “seeped” might be the wrong word, cause with shows like “Footloose” and “Movin’ Out” on the Great White Way obviously the bar has been lowered a little bit as far as class goes. But still. Legally Blonde? What are people doing? Come on. Does this seem right to anyone? Please. God. Don’t let them turn “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” into a musical. I promise to never ask for anything again.

Edward Scissorhands is also a little out there as far as theater choices, but it’s a Tim Burton movie, and it’s quirkiness just may translate well to the stage. But if we are looking for old movies to turn into Broadway shows, might I recommend the entire Molly Ringwald collection? Hell you could probably even get Molly herself to be in them, she’s not doing anything except trying to find what’s left of her career.

All this that I just wrote? 329 words. Yeah. And I don’t even think my publisher will let me use it. She just doesn’t get my art.


Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure it already hit an all-time low when the Jerry Springer show was made into a Broadway musical. Haha.

Stephanie said...

I would so see 16 Candles on Broadway as long as Jake was still played by Michael Schoeffling.

FYI - Molly is going to be on the next episode of Mediator.

Patricia said...

perhaps these are going to be in the area equivalent to "off off broadway?" say, cupertino?

Chunks said...

I loved Jake from 16 Candles!!!

I think they should leave Edward Scissorhands alone, unless of course Johnny Depp is going to play him. I would get over my fear of flying to go see that, I tell ya!

Are you feeling the pressure to be funny Dawn? I would, but I can't handle pressure!

Herk said...

The best show going to Broadway is "RENT 2006": the non-musical version of the movie with music inspired by the original broadway play.

Starring Vitamin C, Tia and Tamara and Nick Lachey.

heathweb said...

I'd pay good money to see Pretty in Pink: The Musical.

tornwordo said...

But you said that you had already written much of it. Is that out the window now? The dumbed down stuff seems to sell better. And since selling is the entire key to every successful business, this was inevitable.

How about United 93 - the musical! (Okay, sorry, bad taste.)

Anonymous said...


ceramic dog said...

How about "Who let the Dogs out" a show where they sing that song 177 times. It's a hit! Just like MAMMA MIA!

Dean said...

That's just plain sad.

Then again, I know someone working on theatre script for Animal House.

Is there no originality in life any more?!

Anonymous said...

I actually saw Jerry Springer the Musical when I visited London 2 yrs ago....It was hilarious!
I mean in what other musicals do you hear songs about "Chicks with Dicks"?