Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pictures Worth Words?

I’m still sick. And have not the energy to type anything worthwhile today. I feel like poo. And the fact that it has been raining here since oh, like 2003, is not helping matters. It’s gloomy. And everything is wet. And people are still walking their dogs back where I park my car. After I made it quite clear to one dog-walker that I was not sane and shouldn’t be pushed beyond the limitations of my meds. As soon as I get any energy back I am going to scoop up her watered down poo and put it on her doorstep. This may get the point across a little better than my attempts at verbal warning.

Because I am high on cold medicine, and left with no real thoughts as a result, I will give you two more pictures today instead of writing anything. I heart digital cameras.

This falls under the "Obvious" category, I’d say. "Product may become hot after heating"? Really? Shouldn’t it be followed by "If it doesn’t become hot, then you might want to revisit your definition of the word ‘heating’." How much do I love that some idiot burned himself with edamame beans and sued this company, so now there is a warning label on the package?

I took this picture in the grocery store. It is Seventh Generation toilet paper. Uhhh. I don’t know how I feel about using seventh generation toilet paper. I’m all about the environment, but I’m thinking that is one thing I only need to use once, thanks so much.


Patricia said...

that whole soybean package is a mess. it comes with "eating instructions"???

and yeah, that tp is right up there with people who ask, "may i borrow a tissue?" uhhhhh no.

Chunks said...

Poor Dawn I hope you feel less like poo and more like you, soon.

Seventh Generation! Zoinks! I've never seen that before, nor would I ever want to! Stuff like that makes people snoop in other people's cabinets when they are using their facilities. See Seventh Generation? Hold it till the next stop!

Herkamayah said...

I don't care how many generations it is, it's still recycled toilet paper, and that just ain't good. Scottissue, please!