Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Random Pictures

Is it bad that I’m still sore two days after playing soccer? I need to get my laundry out of the dryer right now. But uh, the dryer is downstairs, and uh, that would require me to somehow get down the stairs. And then probably back up there stairs. And well, who needs clothes really? Or stairs. Or bendable legs.

Since I’m still sore I will post random pictures today instead of coming up with anything remotely engaging to write about.

These pictures are in no way related, other than the fact that I turned on my digital camera and there they all were. Man do I love digital cameras. Without them we’d miss pictures like these:

Never does it cease to amaze me when I see a HOUSE driving down the freeway. That and those talking chickens on the Foster Farms commercials. Always make me smile. Something about seeing a house driving down the freeway always amuses me so. I think it might be because it’s only half the house driving down the road, as if someone was a little short on their mortgage this month and the bank came by to pick up what they were owed. I remember one time I saw a house broken down on the side of the freeway. Man did that make me laugh. Someone got screwed by their real estate agent. Sure it’s 3000 square fee, but it’s all about location people.

This is my friend. He’s Jewish. I love his shirt.

How the hell did I forget to post this picture? I just don’t know. I do apologize for making you guys wait to see this piece of art. Can I just tell you that it is considerably more difficult to put bunny ears on a real dog than a fake dog? Real dogs aren’t really all that found of being dressed up. I know, shocking, isn’t it. But it ain’t a holiday until someone in the family is uncomfortable, right? This year it seems the dog drew the short straw.


Chunks said...

Your Jewish friend has BEAUTIFUL TEETH!!!!!

That dog just kills me! The real dog is adorable too! Pomeranian?

Patricia said...

very cute friend of the jewish/boy variety.

what, mom couldn't pop for two sets of bunny ears? c'mon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Joey. How humiliating! bl

Dean said...

Hurrah for your Mom's dog!

He is looking very well dressed for an Easter dinner. This is special as some people can't seem to put any effort into dressing to go anywhere. Not everyone can use the excuse of not getting to the dryer. *teehee*

But seriously...WAY TO GO MOM!