Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Salad is Bad for You

I am sick today. No bueno.

I could be sick because I was around two seperate people this weekend who were ill.

Or I could be sick because my Bag 'O Salad is killing me.

It looks fine and fresh and bilingual, but in actuality my Bag 'O Salad may be the cause of my demise. Don't worry, I captured the evidence on film, so that my survivors can sue.

First of all, isn't it kinda weird for the cheese packet to have an individual sticker on it announcing its expiration date? Isn't that the kind of thing that is usually put on the outside of the package? Are there people who are saving the cheese for later?

More bizarre than the sticker is the fact that I noticed that the sticker was on top of another sticker. This is the view of the other sticker from the back of the bag of cheese:

Here it is flipped so you can see why exactly I am being killed by my salad:

Best By Mar/14/06. Hmm. Does it seem shady to anyone else that first of all the expiration date has magically changed and second of all this cheese that was supposed to be eaten by March 14 is now being promoted as a-okay until MAY 13? That's TWO MONTHS DIFFERENCE. On the whole I'm thinking it is not a great idea to guesstimate on whether cheese is good or not.

So then. I'm sick. And I'm pretty sure the cheese did it to me. I don't know why bad cheese would cause me to have a head cold but mold is a tricky thing. I may have to get Erin Brockovich on the case.


Chunks said...

It's probably a good thing you ate that cheese, the penicillin will heal you!

My MIL cuts the mold right off the cheese and eats it anyway. It seems logical because cheese is essentially well-spoiled milk, but I still bring my own cheese when I go to her house.

Patricia said...

wow. and i thought you had a lot of time on your hands with that camera before you were sick.

you're actually getting better options with this cheese. you may either eat cheddar by the expiration date or gorganzola 3 months later. they're doing you a favor by providing these alternatives.

i think the cold is probably just pg&e's fault.

Anonymous said...

Poor Erin B is really going to have her hands full--what with the cheese AND SMUD!!--bl

Dean said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. (I will refrain from sick joke here)

I believe cheese has a half life of like 50 years, so it wasn't the cheese. Chunks is right. If you at the mold the penecillin would have stopped you from getting sick.

Perhaps your illness comes from a combination of:
- Cold House
- Junk Food
- Junk Filled Car (germ haven)
- Guilt from Birthday Parties when it is not your birthday.

In any case, I hope you feel better real soon!

Herkamayah said...

How stupid to place the sticker on top of an old one. Don't they know they old-fashioned way of poisoning people of just putting the old foos in a new package? Speaking of which - if any of you ever buy hamburger meat that looks happy and fresh on the outsite, then when you get home and open it to find BROWN meat in the middle, BEWARE! Stores do this crap ALL THE TIME! They take some old meat and wrap new meat around it - I complained to the store about it and they claimed "it's normal, when the air hits the meat it turns brown". Instead of the truth which is " we have outdated meat we need to sell so we disguise it". At least it didn't have a new date sticker over an old one.