Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Does anyone else bank with Wells Fargo? I do. And they have this new thing at their ATM’s wherein you are no longer allowed to use envelopes when making your deposit. You simply insert your checks or cash right into the ATM. It’s weird. It feels weird.

You put the checks into the “In” slot and then a few seconds later the ATM tells you the amount of the check. This is weird. It can read handwriting?

Today at the ATM I looked over to the woman at the ATM next to me. She was perplexed. I said, “Do you suppose there are little people inside of here reading our checks?”

“All I want to do is use an envelope. I’m standing here inserting these checks one at a time, it’s taking forever.”

“I think you can insert them all at the same time.”

“I don’t trust this machine to do it that way.”

“I think there are midgets inside, and on the whole they can be trusted.”

“Weird look”

I printed out my receipt. It had a scan of the check I deposited printed right on the receipt.

“Look! The midgets can draw!”

“Unamused glare.”

“Alrighty then, good luck to ya.”

Technology sometimes advances a little too fast for our simple human brains...


THX-1138B said...

They have it at B of A too and it's not only weird, but If I have cash I feel very strange about not putting it in an envelope for fear it will get stuck in the machine and not be counted correctly.

This is yet another sign that we are all slowly accepting robots in our lives! Voice mail lady? ROBOT! (with an attitude) Drive throughs with recorded greetings? ROBOTS! New cars with voices that talk to you (with a "pleasant" attitude!) Vaccum cleaners shaped like a frisbee so you don't have to exert SO MUCH EFFORT into vacuuming 300 square feet? ROBOT ( a very s l o w one at that). Mechanical dogs that have a computer generated "YAP!"? ROBOT DOG!!


Patricia said...

i like the midget theory.

but then i'm still impressed with the little tubes that fly through the air in the drive through window.

tornwordo said...

Wow, that does sound strange. I like that you get a scanned copy immediately.

Chunks said...

Freaky and big brother-y. Pretty soon we will all have built in microchips and be able to just run our hands over a scanner and do our transactions.