Monday, June 25, 2007

Nola Eye View

I’m thinking that dogs must be born with the tremendous ability to withstand terror on a daily basis. My poor little dog must have nerves of steal to make it through his days. The dog weighs 5.5 pounds. And I insist on taking him to dog parks pretty regularly where he is pretty regularly chased by dogs about 10 times his size. And yet he doesn’t keel over.

Could you imagine if a bus just started gunning for you? And there was more than one bus? And your mom thought this was a funtime activity for you?

Today I was walking Nola around my condo grounds and I noticed a bigger dog up ahead. Nola noticed him too, but didn’t really pay much attention to him. Then the big dog stopped to poop, which gave us a little time to catch up. And gave the big dog time to spot Nola and decide that he would make a perfect midday snack.

So the dog comes sprinting towards us with all his might. He rips his leash right out of his walker’s hand and then has nothing between him and his snack. I am walking Nola with one of those harness leashes, the ones that snap around his body, instead of just hooking onto his little neck. The point of these leashes is to avoid choking your dog. And, as it turns out, to be able to very quickly save your dog from his demise.

I had to laugh because I can only imagine what this all must have looked like to the poor puppy. First he looks up and sees a huge ass dog bearing his teeth and running full speed towards him. He thinks his end must be near. Then all of a sudden he is flying and spinning through the air. Then he is being held above my head as the dog jumps and tries to get to him.

Twenty seconds later, after the owner apologized profusely, we moved down the road a bit and I put him back on the ground. Without missing a beat, he went back to chasing flying bugs.

Nerves of steal this dog.


tornwordo said...

Poor Nola! That'll teach you to watch other dogs poop, lol.

Chunks said...

This story is a metaphor for life. We are all small dogs, trying to avoid getting eaten by big dogs, needing someone to swoop us up to safety every now and then.

(Leave it to Torn to get fixated on the poo part! :))

Anonymous said...


Patricia said...

i can't believe he didn't poop on your head. seriously it would've been my first instinct. so i guess this pretty much severs any hope of you ever saving my life.