Friday, June 15, 2007

This May Be My Last Post

My friend e-mailed me the other day and said that a friend of hers knew of someone looking to rent a room for a few months this summer. She knows that I’m currently very broke, so she thought I might be interested in the extra cash. I said sure.

So in a couple days a random boy will be showing up to my house and will be moving in for a few months. Is that weird? My mother seems to think it is. Well, weird might not be the right word for it. Scaryashell might be a better word for it. Mom is pretty sure that I’m going to be chopped up into bits. But I’m pretty sure I could use the extra cash each month, so I’m willing to risk it. Also, just think of the great book I could get out of it if the dude turns out to be a psycho? It would make a great movie too! Lifetime, I’m gunnin’ for ya. “Mother, May I Rent to Danger?” Ha.

I will have you know that I asked the dude if he was a mass murderer and he said no, he is an engineer. So, as you can see, everything is going to be fine. I did, however, want to write this blog, just in case this engineer is a quick worker and decides to kill me on Sunday, before I get the chance to blog. I wouldn’t want you all to wonder where I had gone.

In other news, Rafael and I are going to a fancy party for a mutual friend tomorrow night and we will be doing a short vlog while we are there. We will look very stupid at this party with my camera in front of our faces - but that is the price we pay for the vlog. If I don’t get killed this weekend then our party-going will be up to welcome you on Monday morning. If there is no party vlog, call the cops. And someone take care of the dog, he will probably miss me the most.


tornwordo said...

Whew. I thought you were serious there for a second. Good luck living with SEG, (strange engineering guy).

Patricia said...

shame on you, you just gave your mom a heart attack!

i think the engineer came into your life because you made the mistake of saying you have nothing to blog about.

here's hoping he's not so much into chain saws (sorry dawn's mom.)

Anonymous said...

I am not amused! Can't wait until you tell your Dad. Happy Father's Day!-mom

Dean said...

What?! You couldn't get a guy from the National Fishing Tour? Your Dad at least would have been happy.

On a serious note...Good-bye. It was nice knowing you. (PS: Can I have your camera and vid camera when you are gone?)