Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Am Still Alive

It has been several days since the new roommate moved in and so far he has not tried to chop me up into bits. I take this as a very good sign. I told my mother that she had nothing to worry about because he is black. And statistically black men are not serial killers. They just aren’t. It’s the shifty white guys you have to worry about. They’ll hack you up before the second course. You’ve seen the movies, you know what I am talking about.

So without a mass murderer moving in things have been pretty uneventful around these here parts. The biggest thing I’ve done lately is download the whole season of ‘Ugly Betty’. That’s like 24 hours of TV I have to watch. How cute is this show? I mean really? How did I miss it this last year? I don’t know. I just get way too over-committed to TV shows and sometimes I have to cut some loose. Thank god for websites that allow me to download the entire seasons of shows that I’ve missed.

I’m not really sure how these websites work. All I know for sure is that they probably are totally illegal and are definitely accessed primarily by people looking for porn. Because no matter what you search for there is always something porn-y you can download as well. God love the internet.

Besides ‘Ugly Betty’ I haven’t been watching much TV this summer, nothing really strikes my interest. A friend of mine invited me over to a ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ viewing party tonight. And by viewing party I mean 5 of us sitting around playing ‘So You Think You Have The Right To Critique Dancing Just Because You’ve Watched Every Season of Dancing With The Stars?’ It’s a fun game, you should try it.

Tonight one couple was supposed to do a samba dance. After the dance I said, “Well, that was good, but it wasn’t a samba.” My friend said, “How do you know?” I said, “Excuse me, I watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’, I know me a samba when I see it.” And then like three seconds later one of the judges said, “That was a good performance, but that wasn’t a samba.” Ha! I am so informed. I know my ballroom dances.

‘So You Think You Can Play Off Of Dancing With The Stars’ Popularity?’ is okay, but it’s hardly as good as my ‘Dancing with the Stars’. However, I must say that my friends’ commentary does boost ‘SYTYCD’s’ watchability exponentially. Their commentary is almost as entertaining as the random ass celebrities that sit in the audience for every taping of Dancing with the Stars. Why are Florence Henderson and Lisa Loeb sitting next to each other, cheering on Layla Ali? Why not?! And have you been wondering what Jane Seymour has been up to lately? Well, wonder no more, she is sitting in the audience at Dancing with the Stars tapings. Her agent is awesome.

Another thing that is awesome? Apparently tomorrow night there is another edition of ‘So You Wanna Dance With Somebody?’ It’s the elimination show. And you know what they do on the elimination show? Wait for it. A Dance-Off. Yeah. And! And! The name of the Dance-Off is Dance for Your Life. My god. Hollywood. A town of geniuses. And a lot of out of work actors.


Chunks said...

I am waiting for Big Brother to start. Quite frankly, it's the only thing I want to watch this summer.

tornwordo said...

Ugly Betty rocks! And the agent line made me burst out laughing.

Patricia said...

i have never watched one of these dancing shows. but i laughed at all the hoopla over people literally taking bets over whether or not sir paul's ex would have her leg fly off in the middle of a performance.

that alone might've made me break my self imposed ban of dancing shows.

Bianca Reagan said...

I told my mother that she had nothing to worry about because he is black. And statistically black men are not serial killers.

What about OJ? I mean, IF he did it.