Monday, June 25, 2007

These Kinds of Things Are the Reason I Live

This weekend a glorious event took place. It took place painfully close to my home and yet I was unaware of it until it hit the news media. Next year I will be reporting from the scene of this glorious event, because it’s really crap like this that makes life worth living.

This weekend at the Sonoma County Fair they crowned “The World’s Ugliest Dog”. Have you seen this before? I see it every year and every year I just can’t get enough of it.

This is Sam:

According to Wikipedia, “Sam, a blind Chinese Crested dog, was voted the world’s ugliest dog three times in a row, from 2003 through 2005. He died in November 2005 causing an end to his three-year reign. Sam is considered by some to be the ugliest dog ever.”

I don’t think anyone is trying to argue with whoever considers Sam to be the ugliest dog ever. He can have that trophy. Even though the poor thing couldn’t even see his trophy, because he was blind. Which is ironic, considering what he does to other people's eyes.

Wiki goes on to tell the tale of a “voting scandal” that rocked the Ugliest Dog in the World Contest in 2006. There was some sort of online voting fraud or something. Apparently there are people who take this contest very seriously. What with the whole organizing an Ocean’s Eleven type plot to control the voting. Do you suppose one of the contestants was a member of the Bush family? I will stop there, because the rest of the jokes I could make along those lines are just too easy.

Instead, let’s look at this year’s winner:

He too is a Chinese Crested dog. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to stay away from this breed, on the whole. Besides the off chance that they will win a grand in Sonoma once a year, they really don’t seem to have much going for them. Although I’m sure they have wonderful personalities.

Oh god, I just found the website where the voting took place this year: . Please. This is awesome.

Sweet Jesus, I’m so going to this thing next year. I'm looking around the website and in addition to Latino Wrestling they also have great concerts. One of the bands performing at the fair concert? Abbacadabra. An Abba cover band. And a band called Bowling for Soup. You know what is sad? There are two other bands that I’ve actually heard of - SheDaisy and Cheap Trick. Do you think it might be time to start reevaluating the whole music career when you are getting booked alongside Abbacadabra and the World’s Ugliest Dog is getting more media coverage than you? Maybe.


tornwordo said...

OMG, i would so go to that event if it were near my house. That is definitely one ugly breed, lol.

Chunks said...

I was wondering if you'd gone to this...too bad you missed it!

Bowling for Soup is a good band! I think they are Canadian! Oh and I saw Cheap Trick about seven years ago, they played in this skuzzhole of a bar but I tell you, they rocked it! It was like 1977 all over again!

"Mama's allright! Daddy's allright! They just seem a little weird....surrender...."

Patricia said...

seriously those dogs freak me right out. i couldn't deal if i saw them in person.

i haven't wanted to obliterate my short term memory this badly in a long time.

thanks for that.